I am afraid (another part )

I feel it move
I feel it slip
The moment moves
To the next

In the previous blog titled, I am afraid I spoke about death and grabbing the moment to be present, and now I am getting that feeling again just a little bit different.
The coronavirus/Covid -19, has made the world spin clockwise, many countries have gone into lockdown and we all are battling this together, beautiful to see.
Lockdown, as many things have good and bad to it, one of the good parts is that there is a lot of time we have which most believed to have not had, there is time now to journey down your own heart and discover you, start practising on things you have always wanted to.
My, fear is that this time will pass and just become a memory, that all the opportunity it gives will not be grabbed and will be lost when it is over.
I even fear that lockdown might be shorter than planned because we figured this mess out, and we could not have this time I believe many needs.
(Obviously, I want us to figure this all out, we must and we will.)

The moment, water in my hands
This moment another cup
Another and another
All these moments flooding my hands
I can not hold a drop.


Tragedy has this way of grabbing us by the throat, shove us against a wall and give us the death stare and what we often see when our eyes lock is, I have to be more alive, I have missed out on, I have to Love more, I was afraid…
Now we all have this extra time and we all have plans, but acquiring the skill of discipline is hard and times taking process which requires of itself to gain more of it.
This time will help us realise what really stopped us from doing the things we wanted to do, maybe it was work, maybe it was something else, why have you not opened that book you wanted to read or start playing the guitar yet, whatever the thing is why have you not yet?
What are we really waiting for?
Now I am afraid that we might miss the opportunity to see our why, why we hold back, and I am afraid to miss this opportunity to attack that why.
This pandemic is a hurtful, scary, and sad time, but let not all be lost it is easy to be swallowed by the ocean of media out there that mostly has a heavy or negative tone to it.

I feel it move
I feel it hold me as I, it.
Held with opportunity and potential.
each drop an ocean dancing
Down my fingertips.

I am afraid to miss out (FOMO) I am afraid we all miss this moment a rare moment almost all of the world is experiencing, a dreadful time with the most beautiful opportunities. I want to hold I want to grab I want to be alive.
Thank you for reading, I enjoy writing this blog, thank you for your time until tomorrow.
Peace and Love.

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