And now we are floating.

Gravity     suddenly just               stopped
We    are now caught       drifting


Questioning if this even is the earth we are living on    .

What happened, the world is under attack by an invisible monster and now we have been punched on the chin and the pain only seems to register a bit later.
Oh! I have been hit I have to defend lift my hands defend, defend but your arms are heavy and the signal from the brain to arms delayed and then another hit, just keep standing.
We must keep standing.
How do we stand? We are all drifting it feels like a scramble to find sure footing.
Countries have gone into lockdown, and we are adapting to this new way of life, but have not fully let go of the old way, and that somehow has removed gravity and many are left floating, drifting between what-ifs and should be. It seems that many of us are getting used to the lockdown life, that we have made some peace with the situation and that we are trying to make the best out of it, noticing our family maybe a bit more doing passions that have been waiting for us, and just starting to acclimatise to this way, but also aware that this is not “normal” so we are waiting for the old way to come back, waiting, waiting, drifting floating.


We knew that anything can happen that an asteroid can hit or a solar flare, IA, can take over we always are aware that the tragedy can happen but it seemed as if we lived as if not in our lifetime, has this pandemic revealed to us how we have been approaching life, has losing gravity pulled us closer to each other, have this drifting revealed to us new and different places, have we noticed that many of us have been amputating our hearts for a “normal” life, have we realised that we where neglecting ourselves, family, and friends, and now realising everything I wonder what happens when its all said and done and “normal” life happens again what then, do we just start forgetting again?
Do we go to the draw and get our knives and start removing our hearts again?
Personally, I feel like I am floating as if my mind and heart is trying to find an answer to a question I do not know to ask yet, I think I am asking myself how do I want to live, not just be in the flow of “normal” and not in the rebel sense I will just swim upstream but because “rebel team” but more find out who the fuck I am, and what the {expletive} I want to do and why.
I do not want the ocean of life to restart and we as South Africans, as the world has not asked ourselves what can we learn from this.


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