Its time

I just feel as if it is time but I am afraid as if this could be the wrong choice I know it is not a life-altering decision and yet I am afraid to make it.
What choice is this you might wonder, well it is a choice of letting go it is a choice of change.
Honestly, this is silly, but what makes this a hard choice for me is what I attach to such a small matter, my worth my identity, again I am wondering what will people think, I complete their thoughts for them as if they are judgmental, and some of the people are friends and I know they won’t, mind but I am afraid what will they think, what if he thinks I am… what will she think… and then something as simple as cutting your hair is not just a choice of what you prefer but it is a decision of wrong and right.

This is the short journey of me and my hair, as soon as I was out of school and I was allowed the freedom of growing my hair and choosing a style I enjoyed it, I chopped and changed the look often with little care of what people think because I knew that Leon is an amazing hairstylist and he could do anything and it will be good it could be an out-there taste for some but others will like it.
Now I have seen that the Lord is my barber (a joke I heard from King and the sting) I have started to lose my hair and then decided to give it one final run and I let it grow long and now I want to cut it and yet my mind is quickly filled with what will they think, I remember all the good bad and ugly,738329228910

compliments insults and struggles forgetting the main thing what do I want, honestly it is that simple I want to cut my hair and I struggle because I fear the opinions of others, for that moment I forfeit freedom just because of a “they might…”

I am writing this not just because hair can be this overly valued thing and become part of your identity if hair can be that and hair loss can be this big thing to face, how much more daunting is it to face your dreams, whatever it is, is much more vulnerable to expose, deciding what you want to create is deciding to grab the scissors and cut and shape and craft, and reveal your face, your heart, to stand up and say this is me with no hair or this is me, my hearts deep expression, this is what I think, this is what I believe, this is the story I want to tell, I want to do this poem, stand up and tell a joke, I saw this and took this photo, I did this and this is my heart, now that is scary.
I encourage you to grab the scissors have fun, cutting laugh and enjoy being you.
Thank you for reading Peace and Love.
Yours truly boldy.

P.S. styles in six minutes.

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