One day more or less

Today is either a day more
one day less
no longer am I sure.

Dreams always feel in reach when you dream about it, but they seem like a tease when you start chasing it, who is dangling this carrot in front of me I will never reach, that’s how it feels at times as if it is there only to move me forward towards something.
There are often days when the fearful questions swirl in my head, the “What am I thinking” “who am I fooling” “how can I do it, I have not…”

The fear comes and another battle ensues and this swirling and whirling will just suck you down a drain while you dreams make their way, away from you. Then when you have clawed and climbed out the drain you see the dream remain and the chase begins forgetting that it is a carrot just there for your eyes to see, but your heart to never realise.


What I forget and I believe most of us in the struggle do not see, is that we never hold a dream in our hands, and we grow in the dream we get bite-sized chunks out of the carrot, imagen running a race each step is a step closer the bigger the dream the longer the race and one step in a marathon seem like nothing but it is a step some are not even at the starting line, you have realised that you have this heart’s desire and you have decided to spend time in pursuing it, you are at the starting line now it is for us to take a step forward a step towards our heart and this one step is a huge step on a marathon because without a step you are never moving forward.
That’s one small step for mankind, one giant leap for a man. (turning Armstrong’s words around.)

You don’t just land on the moon there is often so much we have to do and prepare before we even can make our moonwalk, we miss what we become in the pursuit we miss how we grow we don’t see how we improve seconde by seconde, milligram by nanosecond we do not see that our dream is not just the carrot but all of it, you are the dream and I think sometimes instead of just seeing it as a chase to see it as a way of life, it is you living your heart out.

Sometimes I am not sure if this is one day more I have to live or if it is one day less, but what I am gradually realising is that today is today and that it is a gift, I often forget to cherish.
Where ever you are in the pursuit of your dream, breath deep and keep moving forward.
Hope you enjoyed the read
Thank you for reading
Peace and Love.

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