About a week to go?

About a week to go for us here in South Africa.
I wonder about what are we learning, I wonder about the art and the comradery that has sprouted like young trees, I hope they stay I hope that it will grow strong and beautiful.
Across most of the world we can relate like never before we can communicate from South Africa to America, Russa, Czech republic in an instant and we all can make quarantine jokes, toilet paper memes and we can understand at least in part what most are experiencing I am not sure if there has ever been a time like this. It is beautiful to see that even in all our differences and somewhat ugly moments in history that there is this one enemy that made us at least in some way come together and unite.

In the beginning, this idea was scary and madness, people wondered what they would do, being alone as one or as a family, fear of boredom and loneliness, we feared what does this mean, and then little by little, we adapted and that is scary as well to some, adapting to something they thought strange at first, but look at us now, what I am seeing is a beautiful release of creativity, creative ways of fundraising for people in need and struggling professions, creative ways of entertaining each other and we find creative ways to do art for people from a distance, people are finding parts of themselves that they have been neglecting for some time, and even relationships have been built that has been there but on a shelve just gathering dust, and now people are talking to each other it’s beautiful to see, I am inspired, and hope that we will keep at it, after all, is said and done.
I am afraid that we will just go back to default settings and that scares me more than anything coming out the other side unchanged, letting dust gather back on friendships and leaving compassion and understanding at the door and back to the fight and hustle, walking blindly through life forgetting others and ourselves.

Nothing changes unless you do, a silly phrase that has been in my mind for quite some time now, I am seeing this in my personal life, is things can remain the same for years small things can come to change it for a month or to but all will go back the way it was, if you want it different be different.


I hope you all are doing well, thank you all for the support and may you have an amazing week ahead and to the countries that quarantine is still a while, stay strong there is hope, and it is all around in shouting in all the small things.
Peace and Love.

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