Goodness and Qestions

I have decided that goodness is a taste you see.
We have been informed that the quarantine is going to be extended, to many, that is bad news and it brings the question of how so many how now and what now questions.
I have no answers and even to my personal questions I have no answers but we move forward still, I know that at this time everything might seem dark and that there is no way out, yet I remind myself that good can not be seen it is something to taste, now how do you taste?
You go for it you take a bite, its one thing to stand at the top of a diving board and see the hight it is another thing entirely, to jump off, it is one thing to see and smell the food its different thing entirely, to take a bite, to taste and then you see that it is good.

I want to say that I am happy to have Cyril Ramaphosa as our countries leader at this time the decisions that have to be made are difficult and the answers all feel murky and he has the courage to choose I know little to nothing about politics all I know is that he is tackling the pandemic and for that, I take my metaphorical hat off.
The one thing I hope to see more, is us standing together and as I wrote yesterday to find more creative ways to support each other, there are no spectators in this fight we are all in this together, and we all face these fearful questions together.
To many, this day is known as Good Friday and yet this is the day of Jesus death again I am no theologian, but how can this know death, be good how can pain be good? What I believe now is that goodness can not be seen nor measured goodness is more then what is in front of us, if that what is in front of us seems harsh and dark or even the best thing ever it has nothing to do with goodness, goodness seems to me that it is beyond any situation or feeling we might have.
Goodness is life, a life to be tasted.

Now we still sit with the hows and the troubling time we face now, and I am reminded of a quote out of Lord of the rings.23f4832c2eccc41201ff5f79e51781c3
We are at such times, what do we do with it? Friends I think we taste and see that it is good.
I hope you all find a quiet moment to sit and just be because it is easy to be swallowed by the noise of fear and being on top of things, I hope for quiet moments where you can just breath and be still.
I asked some friends what is goodness? Here is an answer I did enjoy “I will let silence and nature resonate the truth for me”
I have decided that goodness is a life to be tasted.

As always thank you for reading
Peace and Love

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