Ding, Ding.

Ding, ding, the fight begins, we witness their war, one of them will win the other will lose, and this happens in 47minutes or less, but what we do not see is the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months even years of training before that fight we do not see the blood sweat and tears, we do not see the sacrifice we only see the result.

I have been trying to write more often, create times to sit and write to finish the work I started and to improve my craft, and I have realised that it is one thing you do alone practice, and hard work, is a battle you fight alone, no one will watch me write a book nor should anyone but the struggle to stay awake or wake up is mine, and mine alone, if I fail if I decide to go to bed early and sleep in, I disappoint no one except myself.
The hours we invest in our craft is our choice most of the time we are the only ones to keep us accountable for our own work, and what people see is just the outcome, you might be reading this blog and, you do not know did I write this in five minutes or did it take me hours and I think there is beauty to this because it inspires honest work, the struggle of working on our dreams is a profoundly intimate process, I imagine the dancer working after class on his/her pirouette, or the fighter working on his jab or the writer working on the page or the comedian saying lines out loud into empty spaces, its when no one is looking when the magic happens, it is the work behind the scenes that set the stages that set the scene.

Last night I tried to work on some poems and somewhere in the silence, I realised that right now at this moment is the moment, here now is where I become better at what I do, the moment I choose to do it even when I really don’t want to do it right now, I realised that moment passed and that the next moment will present itself again and I will have to choose again to write or go to sleep, write or be distracted, to write is what I choose now and hope with the constant choosing to write that the choice becomes easier, and the funny thing is that it is only for a minute that I don’t want to write but once I get started I enjoy it and I am happy about my choice I made in the dark, behind the scenes.

I know you are out there working on something, you are in the battle you are working on working on it, you are working on getting the colour right, you are working on making it sound smoother, you are working on the right flavour, Keep going keep working keep dreaming keep at it, keep waking up, keep fighting tired eyes, I know you might have missed out on some moments but there will be more to come to keep going take a deep breath the next opportunity is coming,

Ding, Ding.
We will thank you later.

Peace and Love.

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