Book update and more

I know where I am going!
I understand my compass, for the time being at least.

Well, let us start, I have written a book called Name its a book with a bunch of my poems and that book is being edited but “Name” is currently suspended, because of lockdown and practicality it is just hanging, I am okay with this, for now.
Then there is another book that I have been working on also a book of poems I have the name but keeping it to myself for now but this book is also a book of poems, and I have a theme and poems for the book but I wanted it to be more I wanted it to have something I was not sure what that thing was, I just held my compass in my hand hoping it would point me to a direction and I have it, now I am very excited about this book, I have not yet set a deadline to finish this book for myself but have been committing time to work on it, and now I feel with this break trough I will move forward a bit faster than I have.
I hope to have them published this year, I have a thousand questions on publishing and how to go about it but this is my current thought to use kindle direct publishing as I have stated in a previous blog, the KDP is still a new world for me, so there will be a lot of trial and error but I am excited to learn this process, and it will still be a while before that step but not too long.

Writing and art, I have a bunch of ideas and felt like that’s all I have are ideas with no execution, I know that this is not true but often I just feel slow and I know I can do more but the process is part of the process I keep reminding myself of this, even this blog is a piece of a large, puzzlessssmassive puzzle and the process of committing to this day by day little by little has given myself a bigger tank to write and that is a gift I keep giving myself its as if I am gaining writers lungs.

There is a lot going on I feel as if I am drifting on a quiet ocean but I know there is so much life going on underneath, and I know I have no idea how much life, but I trust.
Trust a small word with so much weight to it and yet the action of trust is a weightless feeling, and it seems that I have become less heavy in all the madness going on and trust is the reason to my floating and I am happy that I have drifted to this direction because I stumbled on to some direction for the book that will not be named as of yet.
There is a lot that needs to be done and even more, I desire to do but now I know to take it, step by step just breath and trust.
Thank you for reading Peace and Love.

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