Hold on.

Hold on, I don’t know how we survive but we do, we often do how many times have you heard of people that just somehow continue after facing insurmountable odds, and we face the fight everyday friends, every single day, honestly I know everybody, face something everybody has something that lurks under their beds which they fear to face at times or feel overwhelmed sometimes even to ourselves it seems small, but it is still a fight, and the fight must be fought.

I know we all have this battle because our art is our hearts language.
Ever liked a movie, a movie that spoke to you, you feel to some extent connected or as if it was almost written for you, the movie keeps speaking to you, it comes on at the right time, it is a precious piece of art to you. Someday someone talks shit of the movie takes things out of context and says that it has bad intentions, and then you feel almost if the person insulted you personally and got everything wrong and you just want to shake them or give them your eyes so they can see what a gift this movie is. (I enjoy movies) (This has happened before.)
I love writing I love poetry, and as with the movie only worse, it almost offends me to see someone do something opposite of its heart and call it by the same name and then it is worse if they get praised for it.
This is the little battle I often have to fight, we have to fight for I know I am not alone.
I write, leaving my heart on the keys and shower my soul on a page, I give it my all and give it time and nights, I love the craft and respect it, it is extremely hard for me to see someone cheapen it or treat it like a whore and then to really get my ego kicked in the nuts is if people praise that. (Know that this is only in my perception of what I believe poetry is)

I know matters of the heart can not be measured, but still, as I say the little battle comes and I grab the scale and weigh my art by likes or shares or by faces or conversation and I am underweight the scale does not even budge then I feel frustrated because here I am trying to be honest and true to the art I love, and then this one guy does this one cheap trick and the attention is his, (disclaimer yes there is jealousy and insecurity in this I am not defending that at all)
First, to this imaginary guy I do not know him or his story nor do I know his path, I am well aware I have treated poetry like a cheap piece of talent that I can just use. Second who do I think I am to judge?
That is it, we have our battles on the path of our dreams, and a big part of that battle is being and staying you, it is the path less travelled that is more challenging, and it’s more challenging because of the unknown and the little things, it is the path less travelled which has more thorns and unknown turns, it is because fewer people walk there that the little pebbles fall into your shoe, we all face a battle in front of us and sometimes it is the smallest ones that are the hardest to win.

There was a time where I did this run event thing

Little boy running fast
Little boy running fast illustration

where I ended up running for almost ten hours or so very slow just a bit above walking pace to me this was an enormous task, and yet I feel that it is easier more practical than writing a book sometimes even the blog or a poem feels more challenging because it also requires a healthy, fit, and strong heart, hold on friends keep at it all the little and the large dreams all the figuring out the whole process keep battling hold on you are doing it, don’t look back or to the sides, others are on their path, you are on yours be as honest as you can and you just might be walking the path less travelled now battle on, and hold on.

Thank you all for reading
Peace and Love.