Get it down

“The graveyard is the richest place on earth because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry out their dream.”
― Les Brown

I have been working on a poem for a couple of nights now and honestly, I am getting frustrated because I feel like after an hour and more of staring at the paper and rewriting and reading the same lines over and over I might gain a sentence and this poem has been in my heart for a while, well close to a year now and I want to write it true and honest but I keep asking myself where do I go with it and this last couple of days it felt as if I made breakthroughs and I know I have and yet now the poem is only five lines and I know in my bones its more than five lines, but even the idea of sitting and working on this poem now fatigues me.

The poem is about a friend that past away a year ago a lady named Monica and I just felt I want to write a poem and the idea of a poem of/for/about her has been in my mind since I have heard of her passing and to be honest, it mostly lived inside my mind I remember I made notes and some lines ideas I had for the poem but other than that it only lived in my mind as I was busy doing other projects, so only now recently I opened my book with some of my incomplete poems and or ideas for poems and decided to work on them to finish the list, and I saw her name there Monica and felt moved and ready to write her poem.
I first had to ask myself why? what for and really do some introspection for why write this poem, and then the question I still struggle with, where am I going with this poem.

Monica had a special way of living and I think many people judge her and miss understood her and many did not even take the time to speak to her, and that angers me so one side has this anger that I want to fight for her and yet she passed there is no use for that, maybe I should have written the poem to fight for her while she was still alive and then I think a poem for her but then what?
There are many other directions I want to go and just not sure how or why?

Now I have a much better Idea than ever because I started writing on it started puting thoughts feelings even the qestions on paper I decided to put things down not to let it just live in mind or in heart I have dicided that I have to take action and then I sat, sat and had my staring contest against the blank spaces and wrote, wrote words that poped up, ideas and all now I am only two or so days in and I am moving forward, but it would not have been where it is now if I did not sit down and put the words down, even the lack of words, I have realised in this process how important it is to take action, even if the thing is not writing, what ever it is to just do it paint just put some paint on a canvas dont just think of the perfect idea to paint, paint and paint place brush on page and paint, and if it is just an idea write about it or make voice memos of it somthing some sort of action or els it just might be lost and burried six foot under.

I do not want to be heavy but as you know I have been thinking about life and death a lot and the thing keeps coming up that breathing air does not make you alive, a description often used to describe a child is he/she is lively I want to live, lively more alive than ever I want to be alive, alive.
Friends if you are reading this I hope to encourage action, not just inspiration, today just move forward in one of the things you want to do, write it down, plan it down, prepare the ground, get it down get it done.
Thank you again, for reading and always
Peace and Love.

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