feeling, not feeling it.

I have a bit of a hmmm day, sometimes I wish we could pause time just take few hours that does not go by, today I wrestled with writing again and thinking of the bigger picture of life, and then I felt like the action I am taking now is just really small and useless.
My ideas for what I want to write how to get words to fit and make some sense in a senseless poem, felt as if it is a waste of time there are so many things happening out there in the “real world” and here I am sitting writing a poem of a park that was close to the house I grew up in, and out there people are struggling, fighting, and feeling the different forms of pain and death, and here I am making bad sketches of eyes and writing poems that do not rhyme.

I realised that looking at the bigger picture can make you feel shit, there is so much going on in life and our minute doings can feel useless, what does my dog’s hair cut got to do with world hunger, what is this blog when there is a pandemic and countries are facing financial difficulties, we make out as one enormous puzzle and we are just a piece of this 7.8billion piece puzzle, and what do the actions of one piece have to do with the whole picture?
What I know even if I maybe don’t feel like it, is that our small actions are more important than we can ever know, our daily walk is seen by many and it might mean something to someone without us knowing, I know that the most beautiful largest puzzle is incomplete without one piece and honestly is there anything more frustrating than seeing a large puzzle

10 000 pieces and you see that there is one piece missing, don’t go missing my friends, whatever you are doing it is important we need you to complete this beautiful thing called life, and your actions are the colour of the piece your poodle and hairstyle your beard grooming routine your street life struggle, you are seen and you complete this weird puzzle called life.

We get days all kind of days, today started off a bit hmmm, for me not sure how to describe it, a bit sad a bit angry a bit of the “feels” a little bit heavy, and I can not pause time but I do what I know best I write and walk for a bit, I hope you have a great, amazing day but if not do what you do best, go for a walk (even if it is walking circles in your living room) take a breath, and know that you are an amazing piece.

Thank you for reading
Peace and Love.

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