Around the writers block

Words may you come my way
I hope to write, you right.
Poems they rage inside
I feel them but I do not have the words to let them out.

I have been writing on this one poem for a couple of days now and it has been living in my mind for almost a year and I have honestly really been battling to get it down, out, done. Is this the block looming over my head is this the thing I do not believe in visiting me fighting to prove its existence, but I have been around the block a couple of times I know the struggle, I know the process, I know what I fear does not exist, this writer’s block is just another thing on the path to a dream, we all get blocked, clogged, stuck whatever the term is, we all become distracted and struggle with the things we want to do, there is not one block that seeks out writers and attacks them, this is what I know, what I believe and yet the words don’t come the poem is just not getting done, I am losing the trill the fun I am losing sight of why.
I am frustrated and discouraged for try as I might I am not getting the words.


I opened my book and put pen to paper and write, I went for walks and thought about the poem spoke it, but only a couple lines and most where the same, why this poem why now, what is going on have I lost touch, quickly I become doubtful of myself as if I was always lying to myself about this writing thing who am I to think I can do this and a list of reason why I am unqualified, but I opened my book and put pen to paper wrote similar sentences and went for walks, talks and I did the doubting part again, but I opened my book and put pen to paper.
Today I did that whole process again and the poem is not done, it has still a long way to go, but I do feel as if with every attempt I am getting closer, but something different happened today as I struggled and fought thoughts and distraction and reading my lines over and over again I realised that this poem is different than the others my voice is different as if I found a new key to write in, I feel as if I have improved as if I am unlocking a new place within myself as if there is a room I have not gone into yet filled with poems.

This is exciting to me, it is not about being better or worse, it is about that feeling of tapping into your potential of realising there is more I can do more I can carry, that I am not restricted to one note or key, I have words and I have poems all I need to do is write.
Thank you for reading
Peace and Love.

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