An Update

I have the headset cupped over the one ear and I listen to music and the other ear listens to the music that always seems to move my soul, the rain. Now I just listen to the rain.
When it rains it is as if I am cradled by Gods hands as if now I am being treated this is our song a lullaby sang and written for me.

A bit of an update I am slowly gaining fitness, writing fitness that is, every day I see what I need to be doing and it feels as if I am drawing closer I do here a clock in the back of my head ticking and tocking, I am not sure why? as if my spirit knows that now is the time, I have been spreading my self thin writing, a little bit on this book a little on that book and a bit here for this and a bit there for that,
sometimes it feels a bit self-sabotage because of fear every time I come closer to the book that I want to write, I trough another book in the mix I just add another project, but it is as if the fog from my windows is slowly disappearing, I am slowly getting to see the picture.

I feel as if sometimes a path is unclear because if we saw it, we would not embark on that journey, I remember a time when my older brother trained me, one thing he did with endurance was keeping me in the dark, I would do a squat against the wall it should be only for a minute, but he would not tell me how long I have left I will try and count but holding the pose was hard enough, and more than a minute would go by, he would not tell me the weight of things I just thought it would be something I am supposed to be able to pick up, but if he told me Rich, this is really heavy and it is going to be hard and, and, and…
I believe that I would have not been able to do half the things I did, nor hold out as long as I did.
You don’t know where you can go if there is no finish line sometimes a finish line is more ceiling and it limits you, again this might just be me.


I feel as if I am only now starting to see the path because I am becoming a fitter writer I am becoming more aware of what gigantic task is before me and my heart flutters where it once trembled, I am not without the shakes I get them more often than courage but I believe the tables are turning I feel it, with all of this said, I still hesitate I am still unsure about my immediate plan but I can see more clearly now what I have to do and I am taking steps closer and closer

This was just a brief update to you as to where I am, again thank you for everyone reading my blog I am in awe that this audience is growing and that you the reader care, thank you I appreciate every form of support.
Thank you for reading Peace and Love.

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