They called her old fashioned
They mock her speech
I find her dressing, in the latest
Darling, it won’t fit, nor do you
Classics like us we are obsolete

I watched a movie last night called we bought a zoo, I have watched it a good couple of times, and it still gets me, and last night I felt like a baby crying, I find it to be beautiful magic when we can create and speak to someone’s soul, I felt inspired to write, I felt inspired to be brave even if it is just for twenty seconds, I know it is the same movie every time yet it feels as if the dialogue changes to what my heart needs to hear.
I felt like I want to write I was inspired, and those fucking voices came knocking again, your too little too late, do you honestly think that there is an audience for your writing, you are old fashioned, you are outdated, you have too much to learn and far too little time, I thought about my, writing routine I wake up at a specific time and write and felt, that waking up fighting this battle is useless.
Again sorry for being negative in my last couple of blogs, I write this not to have a complaining session, I write this because I know that I am not alone, I know that there are many out there that feel that their actions are too little too late that, they don’t measure to the task, that their way might feel outdated and that you can’t keep up with what’s new.

The path to be yourself is not an easy one, there are hills and cold nights there is often so much doubt.
Fear is a GPD screaming, rerouting, fear will always direct you to the safest possible path with the least obstruction while your heart points straight towards truth and sometimes we do not know how to read that compass. Honestly, the GPS seems so much easier I barely have to do anything just follow this programing, while a compass well it is what it is it points to one direction.

I felt that battle last night while watching the movie, I heard that voice scream reroute Richard this path may be treacherous, what if…
Your poetry is changing and it’s not set with current times, your work is of no use, why are you doing this!?! There is no guarantee!!!!!!!! Why Richard why!?!
Why not!!!

O, what fearful voice speak
They do not call my name
I do not respond
You still call me poetry, Love
I respond.

Why not? I wake up at the time I set out to and I write, sometimes it feels like you need more than twenty seconds of bravery, but twenty seconds is all you need to get it started. We all have the potential to speak too hungry harts out there, your voice can never grow old, and if you don’t speak if you don’t create there will be many lonely hearts take a gamble on yourself you are stunning, it takes only a couple of seconds of bravery I mean why not?

Thank you for reading.
Peace and Love.

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