On the shelf

I, think I am starting to see it,
On a shelf covered by dust,
I think I can reach it,
The potential, it is there on the shelf.

When I was young I believed I will become an actor and that was where all m choices lead to when I had to choose a high school what I did after school, but I missed all the nuances of my life all the details you can only see when stepping back, all the shades of blue all the shades of life.
Poetry felt like a thief breaking in in the middle of the night, deciding to sleep over, and eventually paying rent, but if I look back it has always been there it has always been a part of my life, it is the house, I just missed it because it is breathing to me.
My brother and I used to imagine up stories and epic battles, the amazing older brother he is, he always let me win, but it was there I did not know we did it but we made up these elaborate stories, it just happened.IMG_0548

I remember in grade three we had to write a poem and my mother helped me, most likely done the most of it, but I remember something about that day, I was enjoying it, I can remember even telling my mother that I wanted to write something like this or a bit like that. I knew the school task was to write a poem but I did not see that I just wrote a poem. I clearly remember the day at the dining table, writing a poem and I remember the feeling as if my mind has never really worked until this moment as if my mind came alive to problem solve how to shuffle words to say what my heart feels.

Poetry, writing has always been there.

For a while I thought did I just stumble into this after school because it felt like it a bit, my mind was set on acting, was writing a “plan y” it felt a little bit off course but of course, I did not see the full picture, not that I do now but with time I became better at connecting dots, writing has always been there.
Re-realising this has given me hope has given me sight, I can see it on a forgotten shelf inside, the places fear helped me hide them, The stories I want to tell books I can write it is there within my reach.
Earlier I spoke about my brother and myself imagining stories, well one of our stories has inspired me to write a book and just continue with the idea and concept that we imagined well mostly my brother did, this story has been percolating for years and I do think its time to take that book of the damn shelf and write it, the time feels now.
I, think I am starting to see it,
On a shelf covered by dust,
I think I can reach it,
Potential, is there.

Thank you for reading.
Peace and Love.

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