WordPress Premium

I honestly don’t understand life.
I am happy to say that I am going to move to WordPress Premium and this is extremely exciting to me, I have started to enjoy this format of writing and building a community I thank you, everyone, who clicked follow who spend time in reading and leaving comments I am astounded after every post that there is someone out there reading this and clicks follow or like again thank you to everyone, now I am a bit over-excited and have a tone of questions on themes and how-to and best options, widgets and all, mostly I am excited to just continue to discover learn share and grow.
My page and things will change but the core will stay the same I will write about this journey called life and my pursuit of being a writer and published author, this is a truly exciting time for me.


Now I would appreciate any advice in the comments on WordPress Premium from themes to design, widgets even just your experiences, your journey on posting on the platform and maybe how your growth and learning curves.

I Love writing I have written of it often, how writing has always been in my life and I di not notice it until later years, now I am writing a book that I hope to publish, and I have written one that is in its final stage before publishing, and a thought that breaks my brain is that I can get paid for writing, I have been considering to go premium because it does give more opportunity to create some income, I hesitated to invest and when I finally decided I am going to do it lockdown, I decide to play my financial ways safer, I have decided that I will wait it out, my audience still small, and fear of the unknown, a sprinkle a lack of confidence and presto you have inaction and I did nothing but think about the one day, the one day it could. I have been conversing with a childhood friend I have known now may be close to twenty years and between voice notes and Rummikub we spoke about dreams and life and direction, I spoke about the many little things I am attempting and that I was frustrated because I played safe and that I would really enjoy it if writing could bring some income no matter how small it would be mind-breaking.
Then the message I want to give you a gift and don’t say no, this amazing person just wanted to support me help me out my frustration saw a way to help and said that she would like to pay for premium.
I honestly don’t understand life.

This is more than a gift to me it is a, I believe in you, its a go for it, it is a yes answered prayer, she saw my dream and said you can do this and for that, I have no words.
I have the most privilege life when it comes to friends I honestly can not explain, if I look to who is in my life I am the wealthiest man on earth, and people have been there to help me and I still have no words other than an overused thank you.
Again thank you to you all, especially you reading this now.

Peace and Lve

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