A little new.

A quick update on WordPress, I was gifted by a friend WordPress premium and now I am exploring all the new doors that it opens.
I ask that you please be patient as I unwrap this gift and keep guessing what it truly is, and I am going to keep guessing, not sure if we ever truly see what a gift is because the longer it is in your hands the more it gives.
There is a lot I still need to discover and I am not the savviest when it comes to technology, so I am going to play around a bit with the theme and all the options premium allows (again any suggestions just leave it in the comments.)

My eyes may not see past this present
What is this gift, blind hands slowly feel
Trying to find shape.
I shake and listen.
Maybe I can hear what eyes can not see
And I can not feel
Give it a whiff and I find no smell
and between my teeth, this mystery fell
tiptoeing on my tongue
A familiar taste I do not know

I know that things have been set in motion a long time ago, I feel like one of the first dominoes to be left standing and last, to wait for the inevitable fall, fall not in a bad way but more as this is what a domino must-do kind of way, but its as if I feel I can hear that they are tumbling and I am getting excited because I am going to be next, it is as if I can feel that it is happening, I know it has been coming before this little jump to premium WordPress, yet it feels as if it brought more focus to me and honestly it is inspiring, possibilities it’s not just feeling like I can, it feels a bit more like it’s going to as one domino inspires the next it will happen, I have ideas I will share in the blogs to come, what I would like to share now is that it feels possible, I can hear it coming.spinning-top-rAoV7l7-600

A gift is often so much more than what it seems. When I received a top, I did not know that I would do more than just spin, spinning that little thing gave me the opportunity to make friends, I imagine receiving a rugby ball as a kid and many years later you play for the Springboks.
When I received a bicycle, I did not think that it would be such a large part of my life, it gifted me the opportunity to create romantic moments let a girl sit on my handlebar as we explore a field to go picnic in, I did not know that myself and my best friend would go on an epic adventure on bicycles, I do not know what this WordPress premium will do but I am thankful for a fully loaded gift, that feels like a start and yet I know it started a very long time ago.

I am excited to discover this new part, again please be patient as I discover this part and if anyone of you, yes you have any tips or tricks please leave, a comment.
Thank you for reading
Peace and Love.


  1. I’ve never been above the Personal plan, enjoy! WordPress told me you needed to be getting about 10,000 visits a day to make anything off of advertisements. So my blog has remained advert free instead (on the personal plan). Good luck!!

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