More new.

New things part two.

I am walking this path and I wonder what is on the other side, is there an end? Will I know when and where to go left or right? The path ahead is filled with mist and I am walking with a smile, not always because I often do fill my mind with fear instead of wonder, now, right now I am in awe.
I did not expect something as small as bumping up your WordPress, to excite me this much to help me narrow and focus my vision, I have spoken briefly about my writing and maybe of the challenge I had of the day or week, now I would like to go even deeper, a little further into the forest of the unknown, I want to share with you this path and be honest about the steps and the bath splinters, cold water toes in mud.
I don’t like to announce what I want to do because of fear, fear of not doing it, but I will share this for now what I would like this blog to become.
I would like this to be the hub of all the things that I do, this is an open invitation to all Alice’s and Frodo’s anyone who wants to tag along my journey and jump down rabbit holes.

rabbit hole deep go I want this to be the bread crumbs for you to follow to find me if it is, videos on YouTube or even if it is the blog itself or a book that will be published (hopefully soon) this will be the centre point for me to expand my writing and express the pursuit of the dream.

Change is coming and it might be one brick at a time it might not be seen or noticed, but soon these bricks will be a wall and a wall will soon be home, at this very moment I am laying this brick on the ground hoping it looks inviting because a home without visitors, friends and family is no home at all, this space has no door.
Welcome mats all over, please come in and have a drink I hope you enjoyed this brick, now to lay the next.
Videos: I have a YouTube and Patreon channel it was quiet for about a year and with lockdown, I started posting a little bit more slowly getting back at it and now I am filled with Ideas, and now all it needs is my action, and this is something that I want to focus on. I want to create again and the time feels right, I believe it always was, but right now I feel that I have been standing in self-made shadows for too long I want to feel the warm light kiss my skin again I want to step out and express, with poetry and video, consistency has been something I struggled with but now with this blog I have discovered ways I operate best in and ready to apply it toward my videos, I feel still afraid to create a piece and put it out there for everyone to see the fear of not being enough of being a failure is an intimidating fear.

Books: If you follow me, you know my heart is books and writing poetry, I love storytelling I love how we can feel and relate how we get inspired, how we can take words and make it speak a language of the heart.
I am getting ever closer to publish my first little book of poems and the other book of poems is moving forward faster than expected but not as fast as I would like (I am a little bit impatient with myself) and then there is more so many more that is gathering dust but they are not just on shelves any more now they are before me now all this will ask of me is to do it and I feel that I am slowly getting there, as I have started feeling a bit like Frodo “I know what I must do but I am afraid to do it.”
These are the three main things I want to focus on, and that is part of what you will find here.


Thank you for reading, I am astonished at the response I have so far. Excited for the next chapter, let’s tumble down rabbit holes and walk the path less taken let’s be brave enough to follow the heart.
Peace and Love.

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