A short way.

The shortest way is doing the thing. Ernest Hemingway


I have been an overflowing cup for so long, filled with ideas and stories, ideas of stories, stories of ideas, I have these blogs, poems, videos, all in my head and heart, but very few I expand on, quickly I shelve them leaving it for the dust to cover and even less of them I let out into the open some might never even see the sunlight because again I wonder is it the right thing? Is it the right way? I plot and plan and read and seek the answers and it seems it will never come, and honestly, I don’t think it does unless you try.
How will you know what work lives inside of you if it’s only a restless night’s dream? If it is only a whisper on a long drive. The shortest way is doing it, and I am not sure in what context Ernest have said or wrote this, but for me, I believe it to be true, even if doing it might take hours days weeks years, I believe that the “what if” will always last until you have tried it for yourself.

One of the best slogans ever is, Just do it. (Nike winning that battle)
Just do it, not just succeed or just try, its simple just do it, the rest will come.
Unsure if you would like a YouTube channel? Do your research, ask and find out, that might not always give you the answer, you might still sit with your “what if”, so just do it start the channel and answers will start flooding in, questions as well what videos when where how to be consistent, just do it as questions come questions will fall some might last longer than others but doing it, going for it, I believe is the best way.
There is another challenge after the “what ifs” the challenge of “when”, when I have enough money I will, when I have seen this I will, when I can, I will and when never comes because there is always a reason why we can’t now we are always locked and loaded with an excuse for why not now, and always prepared with a when to soften the blow to not seem too afraid even to fool ourselves to just keep hope there for that one day.

I do not want to say when again, I do not want to ponder what if again, I want to act on what I know I must do, I want to just do it, I want to write a blog and say as my one friend Andile would say, like an old version of Nike Damn right I did it, writing it does not make it so, that’s a scary part of this I have questions with this new phase I am stepping in with my poetry and blogs, and I know the shortest way is doing it. My friends, here I hope that you see that I am doing it and if you feel the call of your heart I hope you take the short path straight to the heart and do it because you can.

Thank you for reading.
Peace and Love.


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