Here we are at the start of another week and here is the start or rather a restart of Patreon.
First, Patreon is a platform for content creators to place their work on display and if you enjoy a specific creator than you can support that creator, there are many ways to support, each creator has their reason and options of why and how you can support them, I feel as if I am doing a disservice to the platform with my description, basically it is where creator and fan/supporter meet and the trade-off is relational and feels more raw and close.

Now with that said I am on Patreon I was many years ago and had one Patreon my best friend, but it died out because of all the reasons I often write about, fear, disbelieve, negativity and sprinkle a bit of laziness on a defeated spirit you had me, but I have been gradually growing momentum I focused small on this blog and being consistent and now I am branching out especially as I got a kick of excitement with the new website and WordPress premium, now I am eager to create again to make the videos for YouTube to let it all out, and write.
Now I would like to invite you to my Patreon and YouTube to see the work I have been doing and will continue to do starting next week. (Maybe sooner)
My heartbeat and I write, and yet sometimes I sacrifice the beating of my heart toward other things to help out financially, I would love to be able to write full time, I see it there within my grasp and this is my request to you if you enjoy my content and you would like to contribute in any way please contact me or join my Patreon where I set out how you can help if you so like and if you won’t mind sharing this as well.
I struggle with asking and even more with accepting, and yet there has been a line of people that helped me to get this far, I have realised that thinking and acting less than their gift made the gift less then, and takes away from the giver, now I am writing this blog and sending it out there in the great internet verse, asking if anyone would like to tag along my journey this is one way how you can.
Patreon has set up a great model to help artists, content creators, but if that is not your way and you would just want to talk please send me an email and we can have a chat.

What I would like to achieve with Patreon is that I want to be able to pay my rent by writing if anyone makes a financial contribution to my work, you are not giving me money, you are buying me time and a clear head, time to focus on writing my book and time to create videos, time to focus on the craft, and a clear mind, a mind not filled with how will I make rent, and all the money thoughts we all know, and honestly a little, helps way more than a lot. Not only is rent a goal but getting published and getting books edited and maybe even cover designs and all the expense that goes with the creating of a book I would like the support, and again I have no words for the people that already are helping me beyond what my mind can comprehend.
This is part of my request if you can jump on Patreon see if you are interested in supporting me I make videos and this blog, and focused on publishing books soon, any help will honestly get me a lot closer, if I am not your cup of tea there are many artists on Patreon which you can help and support.
My heart beats and I write, I will write no matter what it’s my language it is part of who I am, poetry, telling a story, writing I will do this because I can not, not do it.
Please join this story the story of the storyteller.

If you have questions or other things send me an email, we can talk.
Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it.
Peace and Love



Intro Video:

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