Church street poem

I believe.
In previous blogs I have written about this photo and poem project, called Church Street, I am working on it now, shoved fear into a cupboard and padlocked that sucker down for now.
Part of the project was taking photos along Church Street now I am editing them.
(Disclaimer I am no photographer nor will the terminology be correct)
I am taking the photos I took in colour and changing them into black and white I enjoy black and white it just has something about it, I find it fascinating that even when I turned it from its vibrant colours to the different shades of grey, I still pick up on its colours, By the contrast, I can still see that different colours are living in this photo even though I have tried to hide them, I could not tell you what the colours are of objects from a black and white photo but I know that they are there, and that has been entertaining my mind while I work on this project.

I often hear the bagging on the cupboard door fear want to escape, each photo that I work on I hear its distressed voice “let me see what you think is art” “I don’t have to see I know its shit” all I say is shut up fear this is what I am doing now, and I am loving this moment while doing it, needless to say, editing some of my work has been difficult because of my perception of what good is, I hear it in the back of my head that this is not good and I compare it to other people’s photos who have spent a large time and effort with the craft while I barely know how to hold the camera and take off a lenses cap.
Some of the photos I like, with the internal monologue I have with myself I say “this is good, not too shabby Richard, and this is good”. Other photos I know I just did a bad shot and that’s that, I made a mistake or missed the idea and this photo is a miss, done deal.
While I was getting frustrated with editing the photos, I decide to just put some of the finished pieces on a timeline with a song I might use for the poem and did some editing for the video and played it, it was only seven photos but I got excited because I see me, again sounds selfish but I see what I did as if with each photo I built a mirror reflecting my sight.
The idea behind the project is to show life on church street a street that is climbing in my heart as I travel it often and it’s not the road I like or that I have a weird fascination with tar no. I love the people and there are so many beautiful and creative and hungry and strong and frail and gorgeous people all on this street and it has just been dawning on me that this is church a place with no doors a place where we live.

Let me stop myself here before I go to all philosophical and dreamy, that is the heart of this project is to reveal heart a heart I see beating alive every day.
Seeing this seven photos follow each other imagining the words I got so excited because just as with the colour that cannot be separated from a black and white photo, the human cannot be taken away this street, the people, the little place called friends café, all of it lives and making it a photo and turning it into jpeg does not remove the life.

Have an amazing weekend thank you all for the love and shares and comments.
Thank you for reading.
Peace and Love

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