Good morning Monday.

Inspiration is a sneaky creature, Saturday it snuck up on me, I have still been having a wrestling match with my stomach and my mind battling with feeling weak and just feeling stagnant, I played a mix of songs and poems I have not listened to in a long while, I sat on the couch almost begrudgingly with my page open to work on the seemingly stubborn poem church street, then a poem played and my heart just started to feel it, inspiration, hard to describe the feeling, like testing if a nine-volt battery, that kind of sting of electricity, it made me feel home as if it was a familiar voice saying, sit-down have some tea your safe. The poem did not magically get done, nor was there a rush of words and sparks as I write, the setting was exactly the same, but my heart for a moment reminded me Richard stubborn fool you love this sit down and enjoy.

Writing with a lighter heart made the time I spend on it easier, and takes the whip from my hand. (being under your own whip is double as painful.) My mind was freer to write and that opened up an opportunity, finding a new way to the poem which I am excited about I am excited to create and this inspiration led me to go outside and take a chance on taking some photos.
I have always enjoyed taking a photo I think most of us do, but spending time with Mark an amazing friend and exceptional photographer, has stirred my curiosity and with a gentle nudge from him, I started taking more photos, and now armed with one of his cameras and tea, I went outside just to take some photos and it’s as if this small act of taking photos has encouraged even more creativity, it was a bit of spreading infection, it inspired me to want to write more and create more I felt as if I was holding my breath for a while and taking the photos I could gasp and breath in fresh and inspiring air, I felt silly I just wanted to take a photo of something not sure what walking with the camera taking photos of my feet and the cup of tea or by the next day coffee of a newly made swing what ever was there I wanted to aim the camera at it and click, nothing to impress but doing because it felt as if the camera was a toy and I was a child again.

I appreciate the moments of inspiration, I know one cannot depend on it, and best not to wait for it to come.
Action is the invitation addressed to inspiration, and if he comes, he comes, otherwise, just keep writing letters and it will come but writing the letters taking the action you won’t need inspiration, but then when he visits you play like children again.
I hope you write letters this whole week and I hope that he visits you and you play and have moments like I did, even more, and better.
I am anxiously excited about this week, I have some ideas I want to act on and I am a bit afraid of failing but I am more excited than afraid.
May we all do our little and large actions this week, amazing Monday to you dear readers and as always…
Thank you for reading
Peace and Love.

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