In your hand

Within our grasp, it has always been.

There is a tiny explosion of creativity around me, I can smell it in the breath of my friends, I am not sure why, I see no reason to analyse but while it is here I want to ride the explosion wave with them and maybe in sharing we invite the wave to grow larger to stay a little longer, I invite you on the ride there is enough space, the moment is now, grab hold.
We have it, it has always been in grasp, and it has danced on our palm from the moment we could cry.
Opportunity is part of our fingerprint it sits on our hand like an old map waiting to set you on a journey, a journey that is begging you to take the first step. Today I walked outside as I often do, but today there was a moment a minute moment so tiny it almost went by unnoticed but I grabbed it by the tail and there we stood on an open field with the stinging wind, a moment and opportunity, I looked at what is in my hands nothing but a delicate idea so delicate I could destroy it with a single word like, no, but I did not I whispered to the idea I like you, afraid I might die before I execute you.

It is in your hands.

The idea was a simple video, a little bit challenging for someone with my experience and skill set but I had an idea how to and what to, the other voices spoke again. “No rather wait, do not do it now, how many more incomplete projects do you have?” “Focus on other things and leave this besides it silly and so of the cuff don’t do it not now, wait till later.” Again I know these voice I trained so well to speak negativity, but still, now I know better, I set the needed things up, and then a couple more laps around the field thinking how to accomplish the idea I have, and how to shoot it to make it possible a conundrum I am not sure I solved that I will figure out after I wrote this blog, What I realised after doing the video, and listening to what my friends were busy with, this tiny creative explosion has always been in our grasp, our hands have the map, what we need to do is either grab or let go, let go of what’s stopping you and grab on what you want, there is so much that we can do but we restrict ourselves by our own thoughts of perceived thoughts of others, we hinder our creativity we stint our growth, just by being afraid of the possible thoughts of others.
Now I felt it today a tiny little wave of letting go of thinking what others think, I saw how my friends and I have grabbed what was in front of us if it was an open field a key or a splash of colour we did it.
That was today a beautiful wave of life making its way to all of us, I am keen on riding this till the very end and if or when it is done, then open my ocean palm swim in and ride the next and if there seems to be no wave join me lets cannonball.

Thank you for reading this blog is slowly growing but this past week faster than I have expected and feel extremely horned that you all are reading I am starting to notice your names on my notifications Thank you all, again.
Thank you.
Peace and Love.

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