A hero needed.

A ray of light finds the dust-covered miniature batman standing on my screen.
No balancing needed, held by press stick, he withstands the test of time.
In his hand a Batarang ready to do what is needed.

What is needed?
Now I have been blabbing quite a bit about how I see things happening, and things to come and I feel I have very little to show, what I have been thinking of lately is what is needed?
This week has been inspiring, there has been an influx of creativity my friends and I and honestly just seeing how all of their projects happen and how they are alive while doing it has been extremely contagious.
I have been taking more photos, not sure if the bug bit me but its crawling on my skin seeking where best to sink its teeth in, today I was outside for about an hour taking photos and thinking a little bit about, what is needed what do I need to do? Before I could answer that I had to also remind myself what I want to do.
Write as small and as almost unimportant as that sounds that is what I want to do, I want to write.
Now again I ask this what is needed, what is needed to write? The answer is simple, write. I have made a small discovery and it is breaking my brain, I have published a hundred and sixteen WordPress posts, and I have written 45,984 words.
Mind destroyed that could be considered a small novel, and all I needed to do was write consistently daily and then it happened words started adding up, what if I was as consistent and focused daily on just one of the books that I am writing what if I focused on one and daily spend the time needed on it and made sure I had a page written as clean as possible where would that book be, well it could have been close to 45,984 words, that reveals a truth that taking consistent action no matter how small you will move forward.

I look at batman and he looks back at me, I see that he is ready, prepared with his utility belt in his hand he has his Batarang in his hand, looking out into the sky (more like the window) to see the bat signal, waiting for the opportunity to save the day.
He knows who he is, he knows what is needed, and he has the patients to wait, he knows that the opportunity will come, the dust has settled on him but he does not care he waits, he knows that he is ready.

I look into his blank face and wonder the classic question who is behind the mask, the bat suit does not make him a hero but the man who he is, that is where you find the hero, a man who knows who he is.
What is needed I need to put on my pants no belt needed my hand needs to hold a pen and I need to write, write and let the pages come alive with my fingerprints and then write and wait, write and wait opportunity will come and the words will become sentences and sentence paragraphs and paragraphs pages, pages into chapters, chapters into a book, and then some more books.

We all are heroes all we need to do is know who we are and then do what is needed.
Thank you all for reading.
Peace and Love.

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