How I write a poem

There is a lot of walking and staring.
There is a lot of tinkering and thinking
Often lost in thought with no baring
Where am I?
Maybe in my mind may be out of my mind
On a quest to find
A poem
I want to write.

If you read my blog you will know that I am a writer without credentials, but when are you qualified to be a writer and when are you allowed to share your techniques?
I do not have a 5step plan to full proof good writing, this is just a writer (me) who shares a process of how I get it done, I think a guilty pleasure of writers is writing about writing and that’s basically what I am doing here.
There are so many variables for me when it comes to writing, it is different processes for me to write a blog and to write a poem and there is a difference between a piece I will perform and a piece for reading, and then again there is a difference between a live performance and a video, there are many little nuances to writing, for me and with each small variation I approach it a little bit differently.
How I write a poem.
If I write a poem, and I have no idea or topic where to start I have a blank slate, Then I enjoy just sitting with my book open in front of me and pen at the ready I try and be comfortable whatever that means for the occasion tea, wine, sit, walk, lay down, inside or outside and then as weird as this may sound I try and be open I try and make my eyes take more in I try to see where I am in and then I like just to place the pen on the paper and even if I word does not plop out I like pressing the pen on the page as if to say let something out kind of you would just sit on a toilet, giving your stomach the opportunity to choose not forcing just creating the best place to realise art, that’s why the pen must touch the paper, often I end up doodling or just drawing margins but my hand is moving and I am hearing the sound of the pen and paper making all that shallow breath sounds, the sounds the feeling the idea even the look of it stimulates my mind to think in this way as if I am already doing it so now it’s just to finish.
Then I would play with a sentence that just inspires me to write:
The day I….
No longer do…
There was a night…
Silly words or sentence I can off the cuff just finish I like saying them out loud and then maybe that inspires something and then I go from there, I enjoy going for walks and saying the words I wrote out loud sometimes I just need to hear how it sounds.

No longer do we just stand like bent flowers under a harsh wind
Now we stand strong like trees that shake hands with the stars…
I will finish this a bit later
That’s the idea of it inspire myself, if it goes well I feel my hand fill with a rush of blood as I hunger to write about what is close to heart now it is not just a sentence now it’s a poem about how we stand after every fall or about our endurance or about a person that just kept going, the words transform from simple letters to droplets of my blood as it is not just something it is words that come from the well of my heart.
When it’s not going good it cost a lot of staring and walking, and often it’s just words on a page I don’t feel connected and my doodles filled the page and still nothing I get distracted and feel irritable this phase does often happen, what I try and do then is to walk and make a cup of something have a conversation with a friend distract myself from this thing for a good ten minutes maybe more (again not an exact science) and then I revisit the work and I can repeat this process a couple of times but I know one of the most important things is to focus on sitting even if it is for more than an hour, it should be more than two even if nothing comes the key is to stay focused on what I wanted to do and that is to write a poem.

POEMS -   3D stock image of Red text on white background
POEMS – Red text on typography background – 3D rendered royalty free stock image. This image can be used for an online website banner ad or a print postcard.

When I have an idea if it is “standing” I try and see what standing looks like, and then describe it, how would I describe a man with his arms on his sides? What else stands, and use that as metaphors. Something a friend told me is that he tries to engage all senses and that is a fun little task I at times do is to try and bring in all five senses without making it obvious.
Something new that I have started is opening a dictionary and seeking synonyms or trusty google dictionary.
There are many knives to carving out a poem, and that is what it feels like to me at times I have this chunk of wood and I want to reveal what I see and it will not take one mere swipe of a knife.
To reveal one’s heart takes time and if you try and short cut the process you are doing an injustice to yourself.

With time I will reveal more, I am thinking of making a Friday blog about how I write not sure yet if you would like to read more of this then just leave a comment or if you have other ideas to write about a specific something for a specific day let me know the comments is open to all.
Thank you all for reading and keep chasing your dreams friends.
Peace and Love.

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