Thank you

A thank you note.

I have been reading a book and this book has inspired me in many different ways, and I wanted to say thank you to the author I have been feeling it for a while that all I want to do is say thank you, but how was the question, and I did find away.

I am keeping the book and author secret for now because soon I will send out this little “project thank you.”

The book

I got the book because when I heard this human speak, I felt said human’s authenticity and that has captivated me. When I was busy reading the book I did not have an expectation, that it would have an impact, I believed that it will be a good book this human does things and the things are usually great, but after turning the pages I felt it, connection, this human was real, raw, true.

The deeper I fell into the world of this being the more I could relate, with each twenty or whatever pages I hear my inner voices say, thank her. But how? Say thank you. Silly idea. Say thank you… Okay, okay shut up already, I will.

The idea

Then I had it an idea, very small and almost ridicules way of saying thank you, but it was there and then it just grew, I asked some friends to help and all of them jumped yes let’s do it, they committed to it as if it was an important idea of their own. They made this small, idea come to life and I swelled with pride these are my friends I felt their love, I felt loved this was partially what the book also spoke about, my mind is still trying to grasp what just happened.


The reveal

The idea is to reveal this to the author within this week, still have to plan what is the best strategy for it to cross the author’s eyes, and how to present it best, all is set in motion and for the most part, the project is done, there are still some fine-tuning from my part but I do know what I want to do now it is just to do it and polish the thank you.

Even if it goes unseen I am happy for what I have done. It was as if it was a spark that now has set my mind alight and I am dancing around this small but beautiful bonfire.

I will reveal to you soon the project and I will call upon all of you to help me spread this thank you note so that the author will see it, but for now, the author will stay unknown and I will polish and do a reveal to you all as well.

Thank you all for reading and for committing to my blog I appreciate every, read of my blog and would love you all to be a part of this gift that I want to give.

Monday is here and a week filled with opportunity, thank you all for reading have an epic week.

Peace and Love. 


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