Today did not go as planned.
For a good couple of years I have been sharing a flat with my friend Bernard, and when we decide what goes where there was always this one I idea, and the idea was simple, let’s place this couch that is now in this room in that room, a simple task of moving a couch. NO!

This couch is big, for a good while it was my bed and I slept comfortably, the couch is uncomfortably big, big armrests, big back big, big pillows, you almost sit inside the couch point is it is big, big, big, it barley fits in our narrow hall and taking a right into the room we wanted it was basically mission impossible and almost once a year we would just mention you know it would be cool if this couch would be in that room, there were frustrating attempts to fit the large lump of sitting space in that room and many what if’s, what if we flip it, what if we try in that room and then it will have a better angle to push it into the desired room after a couple of bumped toes and pinched fingers the couch went back to its original space.
Sunday night the idea popped up again what if we make this move because if this one thing can move then we can move everything and it feels as if things will have a defined space and things will just flow better.
There we stood two adults faced with one large couch and a narrow hall, we remembered the pains and the bumps the anger and the taste of previous failed attempts, words from my fiend “imagine if we move everything tonight,” my words “deal.”
With a better knowledge of this impossible task, we made some adjustments taking off the feet of the monster taking a door away and small other tweaks and we went down the dark chasm with the giant and again, stuck, again we said what-ifs, or let’s just try, but soon we both felt it that familiar taste defeat, adding insult to injury we have to lug the couch back to where it was, just standing there waiting for the next battle, laughing in its confidence, waiting, waiting…

None of us knew what Monday had in store for us, I expected to work on the thank you gift, as mentioned in the previous blog, and doing final touches, but after doing the morning routine, Bernard said “I was actually really excited to get the couch in there,” I agreed. Still a bit raw and in dismay, we stood there thinking are we missing something can we maybe do another root we both stood around the couch, I am sure it was delighted to hear how we reminisce of its victory, but then we spoke of an idea what if we could disassemble this couch what if we can break it apart and rebuild, we inspected the still beast, flipping it, turning it, spinning it, and we planned an approach as if we were two physicians preparing their patients for surgery.
To make this long story short we did it, friends!!!!! We got it right with very little damage the beast no slumbers in its new resting place and we all are happy about this win, I am tired but extremely happy and excited to spend time in that room on that once immovable couch.

AAA -- momentum 1 -- rock on hill
This day did not go according to a plan but something that was once a dream has now become a reality, and this got me thinking about life and time again.
This has been years in the making but it did not happen, maybe if we took the risks we took today years ago it would have been done years ago yes but that’s the beauty we did not risk it then because it was not on the cards I did not see it as a risk just as an impossibility but every single blunder and wrestling match has got us to this moment and I am proud of my Bernard and myself for seeing this trough and that just motivated me with the whole “project thank you” it was not ready till it is done.

The plan is to work on “project thank” Tuesday and then finish it Wednesday to present it Thursday or Friday I am very excited and I am excited to work on it in this newly moved house. Always focus on what you want to get done and as corny as it is it says true it’s not over until it is.

Thank you for reading
Peace and Love.

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