Writing the thank you.

This week is all going to be about “project thank you,” I am excited, the more I work on the project the more I want to say thank you, today is the last day it will be kept secret tomorrow all will be revealed.
I am nervous because I do not know if the author will see it, so if you don’t mind keeping an eye open for tomorrow’s blog and if you would be so kind to share it, I would appreciate it.

I went outside to write the thank you note and I was concerned about my words, will the words be understood will I be able to relay my emotion over on the pages as I feel in my heart, will my gratitude be felt, what are words on a page but spilt ink?
Writing and writing, battling a bit with the fears of what if it is taken up the wrong way and fighting a bit of inferiority but the more I wrote the more confidant I felt, the heart knows no lies just be honest even if at times it feels exposing like taking off your shirt in public, this is one of the main reasons that I wanted to thank the author for a rare honesty, an honesty seldom experienced as I previously stated the more I read the more connected I felt and today the more I wrote the more I realised how connected we all are.
We are not alone in the experience of life we all face the battle of our love and fears what we want to do and what we believe is expected of us, the struggle of revealing your heart because you might be afraid that you look like a fool and fear of embracement, the excitement of doing something you want and the dreams you have, and the fear of losing that dream, the questions of worth or am I enough and the question of the future, we are not alone.
We often feel that somebody well known, a “celebrity” might have faced their battles already that they have slain their giants but it’s not that way the giants does not stop, we face them every single day every one of us and today, as I wrote underneath the shadow of one I realised how beautiful that is, that we will always be able to relate, to communicate to be able to understand one another if we just listen because at the core we are the same beings wanting to love and be loved.

I don’t want to write too much as I fear to spill some of the beans, thank you all for reading and keep an eye out to see what book has inspired me to write a thank you to the author, hope that you all are doing well and again THANK YOU!!!
Peace and Love.

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