Dear Amanda thank you.

I often hear the sirens of the fraud police, “Richard (that’s me) Stop, freeze, don’t continue, this is not a job you won’t be able to provide. What?!?! You call that talent, you are bullshitting yourself!!!”
Amanda I have little to offer so I give to you these two worn out and damaged words, thank you, thank you for writing your book, “The art of asking,” has captivated me, inspired me and it has found a way into my heart and now lives there reminding me that I am not alone that we are not alone, I felt a connection with each passing phrase.
Amanda thank you for your honesty and raw heart, you share your heart as if you do not own it and pass it around for all to leave our fingerprints as it is passed around we all have scarlet flowers in our hands to stand like excited brides and share our heart our love.

May these stagnate words draw you in, a black hole that transport you into a universe of gratitude, surrounded by the best “thank you” unicorns and flowers, music and whatever your universe of gratitude would look like.
Doing this what I called “project Thank you” was a delight to do, it’s funny how just by wanting to say thank you to you has placed me on a path where I had to ask my friends to help and the asking did not end.
First I asked my friend Kelly if she would help me with this idea to thank you and if she would paint on my chest, yes she is in, no fear or judgment.
Then my friend Bernard who is my closest friend, someone that has helped shaped my life, he dreams big and loves, he honestly loves. I asked for his mind and support, and he helped me dream and his words still sit with me now, “if you want to do it, do it all out commit to all of it.” He also recorded the footage and has, had my back like a bra strap that never snaps.
Then my friend Mark (Kelly’s, father) I asked him if he would be willing to take the photo and help with creating it close to the cover of your book. He has this way to empower your idea as if it is the next best thing, and his enthusiasm makes everyone comfortable and we turn in to kids playing and having arts and crafts.
My friend Runic, (Bernard’s Girlfriend) she joined without hesitation having her there unafraid to help and be there for this small-large thing was special to me.
Andrea (Marks wife) hosted us, her loving acceptance and kind words was shelter to us all and the food and wine was a massive win afterwards.
Jude (Son of Andrea and Mark) he is unguarded and free, he has a way to make anyone smile.
Basically just by deciding to do it, to go for it and say thank you, created this moment captured in time and I was slapped in the face by Love.
Now with the whole idea and being fully committed I had to get rid of eyebrows and colour my beard so I asked a neighbour of sorts, a sweet kind loving lady, Glynda, to colour my beard and ended up with a stunning hair cut as well.

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Asking, my friends to join me in a seemingly small task to say thank you to you, (in my mind it felt like, you want to say thank you by remaking the cover, that’s silly, what? You want to copy the look? She does not know you, she won’t see it, and it means nothing.)
I heard all the reasons why not but my heart remember sliding down my sleeve as I read your book, and remember the freedom you made me feel at times, Even while writing this very public thank you letter I hope that the thank “you’s” will continue.
Amanda I have no words your book, Patreon, tweets, music all of it is a gift, and thank you for being you despite all the battles that you have faced and are facing, that you still have the strength, to be honest, and to be you.
I strongly believe that the greatest gift we can give anyone is to inspire to be themselves, we all are beautiful we just forget, we fear, we don’t believe and become a false us, one who started to believe the charges of the fraud police: Not enough, not worthy, not beautiful, fake, weak, ugly, stupid, dull, if we believe it we may sometimes be dicks to others because we are not who we are, I know that I have been, but now I know who I am and often I still hideaway try not to be seen because the fear of judgment but I know the truth I am beautiful and loved, reading your book has inspired and highlighted the truth I always heard a whisper in the wind, we are exceptional miracles when we are ourselves, and you are an exceptional gift, your words and music makes us feel a little braver to walk out into the light and say…
I am.

Final Cover text included

Amanda thank you, you helped me at least with this thank you note to be a little bit braver, you helped quite the get a job voice, you inspired me, and at least for now, I do not fear the light as much.
Amanda all I have to give is these to worn-out words that are flung around like cheap toilet paper, but I throw it at you with all my heart
Dear Amanda THANK YOU.

Peace and Love


  1. This is beautiful; the sentiment of it, the potency of wanting so feverishly to do something personal and benign.
    (And that thank you; people don’t often understand the struggle of straight black lines in curved white surfaces, but it’s a nightmare).
    You are profoundly inspiring.

    Liked by 1 person

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