To be excited

I rise before the sun
Standing next to a kettle, boiling
Water bubble and dance
My cup is ready

Realising the possibilities of life is a freeing feeling, to realise how free we are is magic to the spirit, you might catch yourself floating.
I have often lived for the “that day” you know that day when I am a writer, that day when I make art, that day I will be alive as if I am not alive right now, missing out, that I have been writing that I have made art, forgetting that even writing this blog, I am enjoying myself, I am excited because today I reminded myself that there is much I still want to do, but also remind myself of what I have done, I am taking a step back and enjoy what I have done it.

I am often caught in the mission mode of life, I have to do this, to gain this, this is what a successful writer looks like, and I know most of that is hogwash, I have to often just step back and see the full picture I have to just take a breath and almost remind myself look Richard you are enjoying this don’t miss out on how much fun this is.
Things I am willing to share now I am excited about church street poem I am going to take one more round of photos in the street and I am so excited because I have become more comfortable in how I take photos and now I am excited to walk the street and take photos, and then you all will see this small project that took way to long but I am excited to share.
Then I am excited about getting my book published I have placed it on hold because of the coronaviruses pandemic and had to budget more strict, but now I feel that it is time to get it published maybe not the wisest choice, maybe I do not know but I feel that it is time, I’d rather risk and the risk is small, so it might take a while but my sights are focused on it, just have to save the funds for editing and cover and then kindle direct publishing here I come.
There are a couple of other projects up my sleeve, another book of poems and then some projects I keep secret for now.

walt poem

Today I am reminded of how totally free, we are, I can write a book or start playing a harmonica life is filled with open pages and we have the pen in our hands and we can write such epic stories, we are free and I hope you are excited about your gorgeous life between all the madness and cluttered drama of life here we are and we, are free.
Thank you all for reading, have an amazing weekend
Peace and Love.

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