Write it down.

Don’t get it right get it written –Lee child or James Thurber or most well-known writers.

A new week and new things to write and ideas are brewing in my head again a fearful voice in the far back of my mind try to shout but I don’t give it the mic.
I know what I need to do, I need to get it down on paper or even voice record the idea.
Something I enjoy to do is record the whirlwind of thought not bothered by the slowness of my hand and just release it as weird and scattered as it comes and then later I will sit down with, this recording and listen to myself and make senses out of the madness.
We all want the thing we do to be clean, right, and to be pleasing for the audience we do it for, sometimes we want it perfect on the first try but something I am making peace with is that I am not a machine that does a thing as programmed, I have to rewrite a line for a poem over and over and over to get it where it feels more right. I remember when I did the thank you to Amanda Palmer, my friend Mark taking the photo, he kept working on it, it broke my brain photo one already seemed right maybe I needed some adjustment but the photo was right, yet he kept calmly working at it and the improvement that I thought was not possible was visible and then yet again a small change of light another posture change another angle and whatever he kept taking a photo that was seemingly the same, he kept working at it till it was basically, identical to the cover I wanted even his editing afterwards was doing it a couple of times over.
To him it was not right at first but doing it and keeping on doing it, it became more than I ever expected (Thank you, Mark.)

I used to just write a poem almost once-off, might do some adjustments, it would still be good, it would be what I wanted to have but I did not spend time with it going over a line and asking myself is this what I wanted to say and play around and discover other ways of it, I was writing out of passion but did not give it love.

Letting the idea I have just live in the mind, will let it wilt and die, my mind is filled with all the day’s happenings and small events what am I eating and when am I eating (that’s mostly the question.)

I have lost many ideas, while it’s travelling down the train of thought, there must be a stop, where it can jump off with all its luggage and just wait, that’s what writing it down or recording it is.
It will kindly wait for you there on the page or memory card, they might gather dust you might forget that they are there but they will be there waiting. I recently opened a book that I did not open in four years and found a letter inside of it, it was there waiting for me and even some of my, own lines that I wrote and it felt special to find it there on the page I don’t believe that I would elaborate on them, but if I wanted to they are there waiting.
What I am careful about now is having fifteen things down, but not done and I think that is the point of the quote, get it written, get it done, not perfect. Most of the ideas that lay waiting for me is because I want it perfect or more clear without working on it, it won’t get more clear unless I sit down and write down and work on the idea even when it’s not clear I find that fun about writing and most creative things the more you walk into the unknown the more clear it gets but you have to walk into the darkness you will find the light but just standing in front of the forest the path will not become clear.

I am walking in, very excited I truly enjoy writing and discovering the story is a rewarding feeling. Have an amazing week.
Thank you for all the support and love.
Thank you for reading
Peace and Love.

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