Small, Things

In between the fetch and the tug of war and running with Akin (Kun/”die le-lie”), my thumb had a splinter, a small piece of the stick splintered out and stuck into my thumb I was unaware of when it happened but not too long afterwards I felt the discomfort only a splinter can give.
Discomfort sometimes can be worse than pain, that feeling of unease and frustration and we feel stupid to say I don’t feel so good because of this tiny thing that snuggled under my skin.
Small things can amass a lot of struggle.
We all know that feeling waking up and you just feel ready, as if the day woke you with sweet jazz and you have your dancing shoes on, you almost glide out of bed and into your clothes and the coffee kind enough to lead some extra zest to your step, you walk out the door and you in your car music playing and you know, watch out today here I…
Wait where is my phone? Quickly go back in the house and the search for the phone seems to take hours in the back of your mind you worry about the traffic, your thoughts start picking up like a strong wind and you become anxious, you yell to anyone in the house where is my phone? Your agitation affects the others around you, you feel bad, more stress starts to pile up, you find your phone and out the door of the house and in by the door of the car both get slammed not out of anger but speed and restlessness. The whole drive your mind processes your actions while awaiting the dreaded traffic, maybe somebody cuts in front of you and you speak expletives to this unknown lane cutter, you get to work on time all is well but you, look down and see your dancing shoes turned to blocks of concrete and now you hope caffeine can just help you thought the day, you know all is well but this small little thing forgetting your phone has exploded in a mass of trouble and emotion.

Working on my writing and projects it sometimes as if I am walking on a tight rope I am not sure what will throw me off balance the slightest thing can demotivate me and make me feel sad, and I can become a bit of a dark cloud but what gets me it is the smallest of things, that makes me lose my balance. I guess that is the thing we learn to brace for the gust of wind but not the grain of sand in the shoe. It is not always the swinging haymaker that knocks you out, often it is the light punch you don’t see coming, the funny thing is you know it’s a fight you know punches come you think you prepared for it all and still the butterfly clips you and la-la land.
I was taking photos on a farm and what a privilege that was.

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I was amazed by the sheer scale of the equipment and the amount of work that is consistently happening, machines so large it has ladders attach to them, riding on this massive piece of land and many men for this one task of getting a tiny thing that can sit on a fingertip.
Small things can amass a lot of struggle.
I realise that we can be that small thing, we can make the slightest thing and push forward making a blog is such a small thing, in a world of things to do. My thumb is free from the splinter and I am typing, and I am leaving one-word splinters on this page soon it will be a log, a tree, a forest.
It is small things that become a field that no machine can tame, the smallest actions like a smile at a friend that smile can be deeply rooted, I am reminded today that every day I am planting the smallest seeds and I am hoping to have a field in the hearts of the people close to me.

We are small things on a large earth, in an enormous universe, and we are doing amazing things.
Thank you for reading.
Peace and Love.

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