Small things part2

I am trying to focus now on the small things the small victories but honestly today it is hard.
I was walking outside feeling drops of rain and that always gets me excited as I was making my laps around a field that knows my steps all too well.
Walking around and around praying for these drops to become more and for the heavenly floodgates to open, I am reminded again that a drop of rain is an extremely small thing and yet it has such a big impact in all our lives.
I am reminded what I do today matters, a day in a year also seems small but a page written today is a page closer to finishing a book.
Right now is a time when money is tight and I see more clearly how saving the smallest amounts can make a huge difference I am saving to pay the editor that has been helping me with the first book I want to publish on Kindle direct publishing, and sometimes it feels silly to put away fifty rands or ten rands but honestly, I see the reward of doing it and see how close I could have been if I have saved other small amounts, so recently I have focused more of my steps towards that.
There are days when it feels like I am making leaps as I write, giant leaps at living, making movements towards my dreams, and then there are days like today when it feels like I don’t even know if this may count as a step.
If every drop of rain, felt like it is not worthy of the ground that it won’t make a difference we would have a very dry place and most likely die, but each little drop keeps the ocean strong.

This blog feels small and often it feels like how could this blog even grow to something that either will pay or be a viable way to market my coming book it is just too small and sharing it on Twitter or Facebook again feels like a lonely drop falling from the sky.
Writing takes time and a lot of hard work, it requires focus and discipline, working hard is a requirement for any dream, mostly it won’t always feel like hard work because, for the most part, we enjoy our dreams, but hard work and sacrifice is always required.
On days when you feel that you just not making your way forward and that the battle of life is difficult and the page stays snow white and sleeping, then know that a word is one word forward might even be the wrong word and then you know it is one word, less.
On days when you feel like staying down know that the smallest drop will bring life, I am writing this blog to try and encourage anyone feeling heartbroken or down because I am feeling that way today a little heartbroken a little bit sad, a bunch of little things felt like a little too much for me today, but walking outside feeling the lightest drops of rain and playing with Akin (Kun/ “Die le-lie”) I felt my broken heart smile, watching a funny video of my friend Bernard Van Wyk made me smile even more.

It is small things that make a day.
Thank you for reading I hope that this will encourage you even just a little
Peace and Love.

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