The eyes of a photographer.

It is in front of you, it has always been around, and it is within you.

My friend Mark is an exceptional photographer and spending time with Mark, I have had the privilege to see him go about his ways when it comes to photography and it is his fault that I have some bug bites, I am itching and becoming more interested in the art of photography.
What breaks my brain is how a person can be at the same place and yet see it so different, many times have I walked beside him and he stops and takes a photo, I see what he is taking the photo of a tree, or landscape whatever the subject maybe even if it was me, I know how I look and yet somehow he captures something you could not see or well at least something that my eyes have missed.
I am extremely uneducated with cars, I know very little I know all the main parts, pop the hood of a car and I see an engine that is about it, but if I was standing next to a mechanic he will see if the car is healthy if it might start or not, his eyes have become different, he learned a new way to look at that piece of metal.
I often heard that if you want to draw just follow the lines, my brother was good at drawing and the difference to what my brother could see and how I saw the pictures was night and day, he just could see the lines and I was not sure what or where to look at, even when it was right in front of me.image1 (1)


Tuesday I had a master class in photography from the master photographer Mark, something he said stuck with me, he said that the photo is there it is all around you, and it was something that kept repeating itself, that it is there, and it was, the more I started to believe that it is there, the freer I felt to take some photos, I needed to first believe that “the photo” is as much there for me as it is for him, his trained eyes might see and understand “the photo” easier but my eyes are only blind to “the photo” for as long as I believe that they are unable to see, but realizing that it is in front of me and that I have seen it and just not notice it brought excitement to me.
“The photo” is inside of me, it is different than “the photo” of Mark, but it has always been around us and inside of us, it is by getting to know who we are that we find the photo, and then the magic happens.
As I stated in the beginning even when Mark took a photo of me he sees something different than when I look in the mirror and he has, beautiful magic to capture it and when I look at the photo I think I can get a taste of what he sees.

We don’t always see ourselves as good.
I think all or brains will break if God took a photo of us and reveal to us what He sees, we don’t always see ourselves as good. The truth is in you, you are His “the photo” and the truth is, and has always been around in front of us all, even when we do not notice it.

Thank you for reading Peace and Love.

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