What’s on your shelf?

What’s on your shelf?
Whatever is on it don’t let it gather dust.

On my shelf, I have a couple of books that I have filled with poetry and then there are books that I often use and books that I want to read but they seem to only gather dust because I have let it become decoration more than action, one of those books are books on the Japanese language.
I have been interested in Japanese culture for a couple of years, what first interested me was martial I did for a very brief period in my life Judo and the terminology was in Japanese and then Anime caught my attention so I thought of learning the language and that is what has happened it became a thought and nothing else a book that gathers dust.


We have many shelves in our lives and often there are more dust gatherings dreams on the shelves then there are things we peruse or use daily. It becomes difficult because we get swept up by our own passion, we drift off to the great beyond where we dream of the what could be and imagine, “if I did or could” but even dreaming fades to a distant memory and one day we sit and say “Oh yeah I always wanted too…”
I do not want to say “I always wanted to learn Japanese” or “write a book” or “learn photograph” I don’t want my dreams to only be alive while I sleep at night.
When I was in high school my friend next door got me into cycling, I fell in love, there was a sense of freedom, and I enjoyed how on steep hills or endurance rides I had this battle in my head, I also enjoyed the solitude, I started taking it up more serious and cycled before school, I woke up went for the cycle and came back, showered got ready and often cycled to school. It was a passion but often I felt like I was being stupid to cycle I was tired and often felt like I should just go around the block, or skip it altogether, but my resolve was stronger than my excuses and my bicycle did not gather dust.

Where did that resolve go I ask myself at the time, well I know that different things motivated me then, one I had to do it, or my brother would say “I thought you are going to cycle? Getting lazy?” not that he would but I thought that he could so that got me out of bed and then there was a competition that I wanted to take part in and being on a bicycle and not being able to go the distance is a painfully shit feeling, I wanted to at least know that I could do the distance with some comfort and then push for better times, so mostly I was motivated by fear, fear of dispiriting my brother or being ridiculed or fear of pain on the bicycle.
Now that I have less fear I am more motivated by love but often lack the discipline (being honest hurts, the ego) well now I know what I need to do, I need to create a space where I am responsible, where I remind myself that this is what I want to do, might be slow, might be uphill, but keep your resolve strong because you never want your dreams to gather dust.
What is on your shelf?

Thank you for reading
Peace and Love.

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