Opportunity and distraction

Good morning and happy Monday to you all, I hope the weekend treated you well.
This weekend I received an idea of an opportunity from a friend, an opportunity for work, in many ways it sounds most amazing, it will be a lot of work and hard hours, and working with people can often be challenging, but there are many beautiful opportunities in it working with animals and traveling and it pays good, and opportunity to learn new skills, skills you, won’t necessarily come in use in day to day life but if the opportunity arrives and you can, instant badass awarded.

Yes, it holds great opportunity, but is this a beautiful opportunity for me?
Might this opportunity be more of a distraction?
Only the heart knows that.
Good things can still take you away from your heart. That is what this feels like to me, I am at a place where I know what I must do or more like Frodo would say “I know what I must do but I am afraid to do it.”
Distraction, the thing that makes you think you are moving forward but you are not if distraction was a living thing its purpose would be to sway you away from who you are or what your heart desires.
Distraction would not plan to lure you away with pain or something that you don’t want to do if you need to go run in the morning distraction whispers” you trained yesterday rest today lay in for a bit it is cold outside you don’t want to get sick, just do some squats and push-ups later the evening.” (Some of its arguments make sense, but deep down you know this is bullshit.)

Distraction won’t lure you away from a healthy diet, with a glass of coke or whiskey but maybe PowerAde or tea, forgetting, you need a glass of water. Distraction is a distraction because in some way it looks like the thing you need right now, it is not a direct opposite of what you need to do.

Even, this blog to some extent is a distraction, because I feel the good feeling of writing I am spending time on writing this blog, and it is rewarding as well, all the while my “book” that I need to write what I want to write becomes a distant memory fading in the back and I keep myself entertained by writing blogs.
I am more than capable to write a blog and write a book, and the blog helps me refine my craft, the blog is a clear opportunity, the thing is knowing yourself and being aware of your heart and what would be an opportunity to you and what would be a distraction to you.
Your heart reveals to you who you are, trusting that beating heart and acting on it, that is the journey of life.

I hope you enjoyed a short Monday blog thank you for reading.
Peace and Love.

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