Discovering the photo.

Hide and seek it was to me
Nearly impossible to find
I could not see
I was to be.

It is impossible to find the photo, but it is possible to find what you see, well at least for now that is how I feel about photography, (keep in mind I know nothing of photography I have only, been taking the art of photography more seriously for maybe a week.)
The time I have spent with a passionate photographer (Mark) who has the ability to see photos in what seems like everything, everywhere, I have realized that he knows his eyes he knows what he sees, and knows how best to capture it.
Recently I have been asking myself what do I see, and it is transforming the world right in front of me.

Sometimes when I write, I ask myself, how do I see the subject, the stars in the night sky, how do I see it and what does it make me feel or think? Maybe tonight they look like, silver glitter spilled on a black sheet of paper, and then I ask myself how I will explain that? What do the stars and or glitter have in common? Does it speak to my heart? And that process goes on.
The thing I have realized is that everything says something, and I just need to listen to it in a different angle, to see it in a different light, the poem is there for everybody but it is not the same poem, how many poems are written about nature same things same feelings but still different, just think of the number of love poems and yet there are new ways we all describe that same feeling of loving someone.
Sit in your house the poem is there, sit at the top of the mountain the poem is there.
“The” is you, the poem, the photo, that the, is you.

fuji tree at work black and wite

Sometimes while writing or taking photos I don’t know what I see, but I feel it and take the photo or write a line and then I realize later what I saw or felt, sometimes it reveals itself in editing or just later viewing the photo or reading through the poem.
It feels to me like sight and blind trust, trust what you know and have practiced, trust the feeling that does not explain itself but you feel that you must, that you must write this word, work on this thought or here in the random bush here is a photo, “but I don’t see it, you already have trust yourself you will realize later what you saw.”
It is not to go out and find it. It is about discovering it within you.

It becomes this dance with yourself, you start to know the moves and you build confidence and transition smother and find the rhythm easier, and then the magic happens you become bolder and try new moves and keep discovering new music, then the only question that remains is how do I reveal this song to others how do I reveal what I saw in this random bush, how do I use these words to reveal how the night sky makes me feel?
But still leave it open enough, for others to discover their song in your notes.
It is impossible to find the photo, but it is possible to find what you see, and it is an art to reveal what you see. Well at least that is how I feel about photography and poetry, or any expression of the heart and mind, that is the beauty of it, a poem and photo or song painting feels 99.9% complete if it is not seen, heard, or felt, the 100% is for your eyes or ears only.

I was to be
Nearly impossible to see
I could not find
What did not hide.
It was in me.

Thank you for reading.
Have an amazing weekend.
Peace and Love.

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