Bittersweet Sundays

Bittersweet Sundays

I sat outside on a tree stump with a cup of coffee and listened to some Bob Dylan while soaking up the sun I placed the cup down paused the music closed my eyes and experienced the day, I heard the birds chirp and the trees sing, everything felt as if it was being conducted by the wind and I had an exclusive invite a seat just for me to listen to their symphony.


Why do Sundays seem more peaceful?
Is it the only day we allow ourselves to rest? Is it that we decide to be peaceful? Is it that we calm down and prepare for the madness of the coming week?
I do not presume to have the answers but I don’t like the idea that we often find Sundays bittersweet, because Monday is coming…

I, disliked school, most days was a battle, every day was plotting and planning just to survive the day, Friday would bring some reprieve because, the school would end earlier, but yet it was still a day to survive, Saturday at my house was usually a busy day and often would set the stage for fighting, but then there was this one magical day, Sunday.
Sundays, was go to church be quite spend time with the family and don’t do too much especially if it was loud, it was marked as the day of rest, and you could sense it all over, everything was slower and quieter, the streets, the neighbors it was as if you could finally notice that birds and clouds did exist and you were allowed and encouraged to breathe.
I loved Sundays as either our family was worn out of the fighting the night before, or just being stuck in the belief of the day, I think must have been many factors but mostly, Sundays were calm and quiet, and on good Sundays, we could sit together watch formula one and the evening movie, but as soon as the eight o’clock movie started my heart jumped if this is over then it’s to bed and then Monday!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t like that we promote living for two days out of a seven day week, it’s always TGIF (thank God it’s Friday) because it is the precursor to Saturday the actual day we want and then mostly because of religious reasons Sunday seem calm and tranquil but bittersweet because the dreaded Monday is coming, and now there are motivational Mondays but still I feel that that is missing the point, what if days had no names and we, just TGIT (thank God it’s Today) what if every day is not just another other day but each day is its own unique special only day never to be repeated.
I wrote this on a quiet Sunday a Sunday that I will never have again and tomorrow if I am lucky enough to see it, is its magical day, we are not stuck in loops we run a straight-ish line with ups and downs some curves and swirls but each day is it is own.
May you have an amazing today, and an exceptional week.
Thank you for reading
Peace and Love.

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