What’s your story?

Art a reflection of the heart.
Camera in the hand but what photo is there to take?
Pen in the hand but what sentence to write?
Brush in the hand but what to paint?
First to see the reflection one needs to look inside.

The question this past month has been what is your story?
The question is not what art is out there? It is more what is inside? It is finding what is inside of you. What is your story?
At school when I was called into the principal’s office, with a stern voice he asked me, “what’s your story?” what he was actually asking is why do I do the things I do, skipping class and not doing homework I sat there with a mouth full of teeth not sure what to say and keeping myself from being sarcastic, all I could think of at that time was because it sucks and that I don’t want to, maybe I am lazy.
If I could answer him, knowing what I know now, I would say I don’t know my story, that things feel like it’s too much, I feel overwhelmed and that I am afraid.
I could not answer at that time because I did not know my story, I was living it but I was not aware of why I just kept reacting to things, my rebellion was more a subconscious attempt to tell a story, I did not know how to tell, it was as if I was actually trying to tell myself the story.

As I have been writing more and more, I have realized that epic ideas are epic but it fades if you don’t know what the story is. Why write what you are writing? Why are you taking that photo that you are taking? Not to seek purpose or meaning, realizing why are you excited to pick up the pen, why are you drawn to take that photo of the tree, again not for some deeper meaning and to fall into the black hole of the never-ending why it often as simple as I am not sure why but it excites me.
I have a small photo collection of stop signs, not an exact reason why, maybe the color or how different they all look, but I know that I enjoy taking photos of stop signs, I hope that some of the photos reflect that I enjoyed taking them. You might not see that in the photos I take it is not to send a message to you but it is to be aware of why we do what we do, I know why I took that photo

Writing, I cannot forget why I write if I just keep writing making my goals and finish books left right and center sure I might be perceived as being successful, but the question I have is did I was I aware of why I write that I enjoy it or have I become a robot that just finishes tasks without my heart?
Now when I take a photo I ask myself why am I drawn to take this picture and then it becomes more clear from what angle I want to take the photo, how I want to reveal what I see becomes more clear the more aware I am of my why, and now photos are becoming more fun for me and more of a passion because it is just another tool to reveal, a story that my heart whispered when it saw the wall or flower or tree or slice of bread.


What is that reflection that you see inside?
The photo
The paint
The ink
The you
Your heart
A beautiful masterpiece for the start.

Thank you for reading
Peace and Love.

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