I have a dream

There has been this story living inside my heart, a story that originated more from my brother’s mind it was his way to entertain us, while growing up we would narrate this story of a hero and the challenges he would face. Those never left me and today I sit in front of blank pages and write this story that has always been in my life.
I was afraid to write this story because it is part of me, part of my heart, part of what I believe it is part of my history, I have been dreaming of this book for so long that I have feared taking action, through the years I have found that I have been writing parts of its ideas or characters and so on, I have a file with ideas and even sketches (the worst things you would ever see) it is a hidden file of passion and ideas.

Now as most of you know I have been on this journey with writing and writing about writing, and in conversations with the close friends of mine I have realized that I just keep it all at arm’s length so I have decided to take more action and I started writing the book, I have a goal of a number of words per day and I focus on getting it written even if it comes out ugly but no longer can I pander to friends and you readers of my blog, and try trick myself with excuse just to stall and not write.
The words must be written.
That’s what I have done I have started writing on the book, I know that there are many questions I have yet to discover, and I know some of the answers and I trust the process, I trust myself.
I love this story and I love writing I love the feeling of arriving at a problem, and the characters and I go on a journey to solve the problem.


While working on this one part I was writing about trains and there were certain things that I needed to research about trains so while in the tub of great thought (that’s the bath) I googled about trains and enjoyed the rabbit trails it leads me to all the different kinds and history all that discovered just to know about train number plates.

And then…

The night after what I felt was a successful day of writing, I went to bed and the wonderful world I was writing about did not go to bed, actually, it felt as if it went out to play, I started dreaming about what I was writing, I am not the best with dreams, mostly I wake up from what I perceive as just a black screen maybe I had dreams but I cannot recall, but when I dream and I remember it’s a special moment for me, and waking up this morning was more special to me than most I have dreamt of my dream world, I have had a dream of what I was writing about.
I was there with the characters between the trains I could see their colours how it has faded worn by the sun, I don’t remember anything else at the moment just standing and seeing the colours and that was enough I wanted to go back to sleep just to experience the trains again, I went to bed fell asleep for a bit but nothing that round. All that happened because I just decide to go for it to sit and write and I know I am only at the starting gate but I am excited.
I encourage you to act on your dreams to chuck fear aside and go for it, and your dreams might visit your dreams, and that’s a special moment.


  1. “The words must be written.” That line has so much power and meaning. This is a really amazing piece and you’re very talented. Thank you for sharing this!

    Liked by 1 person

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