A rubber band theory.

My friend made a video for YouTube where he breaks things with rubber bands, here is the video for your entertainment pleasure.

Just one more.
In front of us a kettle, and one rubber band folded double goes over and it is on the kettle, nothing happens honestly it seems silly how can this rubber band break something look at it one band does nothing no damage but then another and another and after some more the pressure caused the lid to hunch, and we add some more and the pressure keep building until we added one more and then with very little warning, SNAP! Everything gave way and kettle parts flying all over the room and the lid went sky high to say hi to the roof, the water that was inside the kettle decorated the inside of the room with pink splotches (add some paint in the water.)
Even the sweet potato eventually cracked slow and at least gave warning but SNAP it exploded breaking the little cup the held it straight.
Maybe one more and then SNAP.

Every day, is a rubber band it feels useless and silly at times, it’s just this one what is it going to do? Look it does not apply any pressure, but let’s add one more and then another and then some more.
I have written about this before, but with the way, the rubber bands broke things I was fascinated that the objects could withstand a lot but all you needed to do was just one more, and then crack, crumble and snap, the object could withstand no more, this is a truth worth repeating, every action we take is a rubber band, this blog his specific one is a rubber band and on WordPress, I have stretched over 151 bands on this WordPress and I see the pressure it is causing, but how about one more, the videos my friend post (Please support his channel if you enjoyed it.) is one more rubber band.

After the objects got destroyed you all the bands pulled in close over one part of the object and trying to pull them open or of felt impossible it was a tedious job of removing it one by one, one flimsy little ban after another but all of them tighter was a force I could not reckon with, we know all this it is easy to tear a page but to tear a phone book, or try and tear four phone books as one, it becomes almost ridicules to even ask, obviously you can’t, and that is the magic of a day and an action one tweet one blog one photo, one word on a page all silly little things but each with just one more becomes a body of work, that becomes unbreakable.

One of my most favourite movies is Hacksaw ridge (Please go watch it even if you have seen it.) Desmond Dawson tries to find his comrades in a field of battle and all he prays is please lord help me get one more, just one more changed a family of lives, just one more cannot just change your life but inspire hundreds of others so my prayer for all of us is, please Lord help us with one more.

Hope that you enjoyed reading
Peace and Love.

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