A letter of encouragement.


I believe most of us know this quote.

This weekend UFC 251!!!
I am excited the fight card is stacked with epic battles and I feel as if this weekend it is my birthday I am waiting in expectation. First, it amazes me what these fighters do, they are placing them self’s in grave danger, as some fighters said you play soccer you play tennis you don’t play MMA, and to me being excited about the fights my heart also feels because in a fight someone gets hurt.
The UFC251 will happen on what Dana White calls fight island, taking infinitive after the corona pandemic, now that makes the fights just even more exciting.
I admire fighters as martial arts are a passion of mine, and UFC251 card has exceptional, amazing fighters I am truly excited. Good luck to all the fighters!!!

Martial Arts is one passion of mine, the premier league is coming to an end but it won’t be long before the new season starts and the teams are buying and selling great players a lot is happening in the transfer market and I am getting so excited for the last games this season and the new season to come if I think about it I am getting jittery inside, I enjoy soccer and what the players can do with a ball and how teams work and the history this is another passion of mine.
I have to say congratulations to Liverpool for a truly dominant season you guys are well-deserved champions!!!


Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you are going to get, I don’t want to over-analyze this quote, sitting here writing (Yet another passion) I realized that we are the chocolates or boxes of Smarties, we are bundles of different passions and interests and likes we are the chocolates to life, I don’t know why I like Martial Arts, Drama, Soccer, liquorice, anime, the phantom of the opera, Rocky, and the list goes on I don’t know what I am going to get within me now I am tasting new chocolate photography and I am likening the taste it has a delicious soft inside.
We might not know what we are going to get but I promise you this it is going to be sweet and delicious, This is a blog of the Brightside yes there is a host of straight-up shit happening in life but if we reveal our insides life will taste a whole lot better, I want to encourage you to go out and jump into your passions, play soccer even if it is not professional just between friends or watch the games learn about the history if that tickles your fancy, if you love ballet go after it in the way you want to, the magic about the internet most of our passions has a YouTube channel of some sort.
I have a friend who is fond of gardening and seeing it come from her roots is beautiful to witness, it is an amazing pleasure to see people come alive when they are doing the things they love.

I hope that you discover that you are life’s special chocolate, that you are a treat to yourself and you discover more of your taste, go for it do not be shy of the passions you have even the little ones go for it and enjoy it, try not to pollute it with expectations and what is perceived to be the right way.
Go out and explore what is inside your box, what is inside of you.
Thank you for reading
Peace and Love.

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