I love you…

I fight and fight
I Stand and resist
I have battled every odd
And then you come to say I love
And then I tap.

Hello, I hope you are ready for an amazing week, take a second and breathe, you are here.

This past weekend was the UFC251, again I am in awe of the fighters they leave it all out there in the ring, mind, body, and heart, as with all sports, people will have opinions and thoughts, on judges decisions and about the fighters, I will keep my opinion to myself as it does not matter even having one.
The fighters walk in one way and out in another way, and you can see all the talk and build-up to the fights did not matter because all was expressed within the ring, I am passionate of martial arts and fighting, I am not sure for all the reason but somehow it speaks to my heart. Most fighting movies just punch me in the feels, Rocky still speaks to me might be funny to some but there are so many moments in that movie that reveals the heart of a fighter, I can go on about Rocky but for now, I’d rather not as I would sit up the whole night typing this blog but I would like to briefly touch on another fighting movie warrior, with Joel Edgerton, Nick Nolte, and Tom Hardy.
(I will try and be vague but I will spoil some things, rather watch the movie and come back.)


There is a fighter in this movie that seems like the underdog and there is a fighter that seems like the top dog, the top dog seems to crash his opponents and he seems to be this unflinching wrecking ball, he seems mysterious as he has no walkout music and his background is unknown but whoever faces him does not last a, round all that you hear is that at some point in his life he helped out a soldier by “ripping off a tank door” the man seems to be a tank but yet you know he is holding something deep within him.
The underdog is a physics teacher and everyone he faces in the cage seems to have him within the first round, but he just does not quite and by round three or later he starts gaining the advantage by waiting and surviving and grabbing the opportunity to submit his opponent.
(Again I cannot stress this enough please if you have not watched the movie, WATCH IT!!!)
Now it is getting a little hard to be vague but I will do my best, eventually, it happens that “Mr. Tank” the top dog, will face, “Mr. Teacher” the underdog, what you need to know is that they have a strong connection and a history with each other they are related and has survived many hardships but life has seen them partway until this epic battle.
There is allot to be said about the whole movie and especially this scene but I want to touch just this one part, they fight and it is a full-on dog fight and the underdog did what he does best wait and survive an opportunity opened up where he had “Mr. Tank” in a submission, and there is no way out but true to form the tank will not tap, he won’t, you know he won’t, he would rather pass out or let something break but tap is not going to happen from a man that has seen war and has seen so much pain you have to do something truly special to make him tap, and he did tap eventually but not because of technique or strength form “Mr. Teacher” but because he said something, well two things one that he was sorry and the words that caused a tank to tap…
I feel like this was maybe a bit of a lengthy explanation, (I hope that I did not bore you) But the heart of this gets me each and every time, we all are fighting something, a flue, debt, an epidemic, family, yourself, negativity, failure.

You have fought and battled
You stand and resist
You have faced every odd …
Listen do you hear it, you are loved.
Let go,
You are Loved.

Thank you for reading
More to come this week.
Peace and Love

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