Writing the story.

Working on the story that I am writing I have discovered that it does not matter how long it has lived in your mind the story only gets discovered as you write, I know what is the main plot I know what I want to happen I know names of characters and places everything has been living in my mind for so long and often I have played out different scenarios but, as I have finally decided to sit down and writ I have discovered that the story has a bit of a mind of its own, characters take their own, turns that I did not expect they ask questions that I have not answered as of yet, might sound a bit weird but it is true only in the action of writing do they come alive and it reminded me that it is the same with being alive.

I was maybe in grade 6 or 7 when our school had a trip to “wonder waters” a water park, it was a small one with maybe three slides and the big main one, the one where there is always a line, the one you would think to come back later because it will be shorter but it ends up only being longer than it first was. I was in and out on all the slides except that one, the main attraction, the big one, I avoided it one for the long line (I do not like standing in lines), and then it was a huge slide where you splash into a deep pool.
First, at my house we had a small splash pool and I could swim in it and as a family, we went once or twice to a public pool but I stayed on the swallow end and there was always the safety of a parent or big brother, I could swim but not that great and did not do it often. Seconded you need to know that when I was in grade four (I think) my class went to one of the kid’s parents house, that was close to the school to go play by their pool, not wanting to look afraidPool noodle I was chilling on a noodle and floating about but felt that sting of fear everybody looked comfortable and I was this taught ball of muscles hoping to just drift by unnoticed, I cannot recall exactly what happened but I think a friend had played with the noodle of safety and I fell off I could not think of the basic of swimming I panicked and turned to stone and a stone does not float until a girl of my class dragged me out, cool but still embarrassing.

Now back to the epic slide I was allot more comfortable with the water and had more experience in deeper pools but, fear is never rational even if it may come across that way, so there I am avoiding to reveal my two fears one the deep water at the end of the slide and my fear of looking stupid amongst my peers, so best to act nonchalant, acting as if I did not care, but that facade was put to the test when a friend asked me will I come slid with them down the big one and he pointed out that the girls are going to join us, now I had a lot of time planning how to avoid this as we stood in line but all I did was let all of them stand before me in line, eventually up the steps we went and the all slid down but I took a step to the slide and just viewed thinking I will act like I went down the slide and say that it was fun, the only trouble was that up that ladder is one way traffic the only way down now was either wait till we all go home or slide down, waiting was not an option because my friends will eventually be at the top again and then what do I say so my fear for looking “un-cool” was larger than the deep water that waits at the bottom, took the step sat down and let go, the water took me fast and on the sides of the slide through a tunnel and then with a ramp into a large bed of water filled with friends laughing climbing out and telling their epic tale, I heard the one kid say “In that tunnel I bumped my head” and another say “ man I thought I was going to crash in to you” now I had a story of my own and all I knew is that I wanted to go again and I did only once more and then it was time to go.

Writing a story is like sliding down the epic slide, you don’t know what’s going to come, no matter how much you observe and listen and think about it, sometimes you just have to be swept up by the adventure and your story will go through unexpected tunnels and ramps and you will hear your characters tell their epic tale to you.
So be brave get wet and splash into your story, write it.

Thank you for reading
Peace and Love.

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