Isolation before isolation.

It has arrived with all its troubles, I know that the coronavirus has been here in South Africa a while now and that it was only a matter of time for it to have spread as it has, but now it has left its mark on people close to me, (They are doing good and well on recovery,) but it is more than the sickness that it is spreading it has placed our country under a heavy financial strain, and more than that it has placed a burden on our shoulders we did not expect, we look like Atlas burdened to carry the world alone.

Before this has struck the world, we all have been walking with our arms filled with our worries, we have learned how to walk with the weight we carry we have become good at it, but there are moments in our lives when we have to carry one more thing and we lose it, I think that is why so many may have anger bursts during traffic it is that one more thing in that moment, but even that ends when you arrive at your destination, then it goes back to the worries in the back of our minds, now all of us carry one more thing, coronavirus, it is always in the back of our minds we walk everywhere and its sanitizers and masks, hearing friends and family getting sick and not being able to support as you use to support, it is hearing people lose their jobs and businesses struggling, we all hear it in the news we see it everywhere and yet we try to keep up appearances.
We smile and try to be kind and we act what as if things are normal to try and push life back to normal, we seem to talk about the drama but still keep the worry to ourselves, it is as if we have always lived isolated and now we hunger for a connection we never made.
We have been taught to live isolated, carry burdens on your own, don’t show weakness, don’t talk about your debt or the weird rash between your butt cheeks one does not speak about such things, you may not tell people that you are under a financial strain, don’t speak about your fears, we don’t talk about such things, walk with that rash and keep quite. I feel we all want to voice something but our voices are in the lost and found and nobody knows where the room is. We are all floating islands we can see each other and maybe even hear each other but we are not connected.

It feels as if our attempts to act normal place more strain on us and now instead of connecting we are distancing getting mad and agitated at each other, fingers hungry for blame seeking anything to point out, it is 5G, a conspiracy, it is the year 2020, it is this person, it’s the non-mask-wearing idiots, the finger-pointing does not end, but our fingers should not point but open up and fingers should interlace and lock in, we must connect. No do not be a rebel and go shake hands unmasked and say we are connected, what I am saying is before all this we were isolated beings and now we notice that we have been living in disconnect and we are not sure how this connection thing works. Even in isolation we can be together, even when it feels as if the whole year is against us and technology is rising up against us, we are not alone we are at our best together and understanding and a pinch of grace, we will realize that we all are afraid that things are not working out that no one really has this living thing down to an exact science, we all are hungry for love and we all are a bit afraid of the unknown, and the thing we are facing is fucked up, but we are facing it we, WE, yes we all are do not burry your worries voice them it’s okay not to be okay and we all are facing this unknown let us not implode or explode on each other but let’s do what social media is trying to sell, and share. Our voices are out there in the lost and found the key part is it is found it is there in your room you just need to know that it is there.
We need to know that it is there.

May you all have an amazing weekend and for all who are sick of any kind heal well.
Thank you for reading
Peace and Love.

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