Out of Nothing

Nothing, nothing was.
You walked up with your brush
Clothed the naked canvas
See there is something
Everything exists within us.

One of the most special feelings for me is that of bringing something into existence, sitting in front of a blank piece of paper armed with my pen I sit outside and for a while, it seems as if nothing happens I sit, and the page waits, and the pen is ready, and then…
We want to create maybe it is us following Daddy’s footsteps being creations of the creator and now we cannot help but do the same.
Everyone enjoys making their magic I don’t know what is your wand or staff you use to make magic, painting, sinning, photography, sculpture, food, just scroll on Instagram and you see what people are conjuring breathtaking beauty is all around us.
We all know the feeling that sometimes the magic faded or that we have misplaced our staff or hat, and the moments that feel as if our magic has been killed, we have been poisoned by a magic killer a measuring staff, no specific person wields this staff, often we are the first to use it on ourselves and often it is in the hands of those who have buried there magic long ago feeling that magic does not exist, that the magic in us has been killed.
Comparison kills the magic in us or rather not kill it but it does a disappearing act; magic is to be enjoyed to be experienced, never to be understood or compared.

Writing words on the page I wonder often was the words always there, to begin with, because I cannot unseen them they seem like they have just waited to be noticed, a photographer sees what exist but reveal to us a way we have not seen, a sculptor sees the stone and the image that just waiting to be revealed, the magic of creating is all around us, within every one of us, we are the magic, I am stunned how out of little or even nothing we make things come alive some people have a way to make gardens that speak to the soul and make a once seemingly dull patch of land come alive we make things alive!!!

We need no Hocus Pocus, to creating something the desire lives inside of us and we let it out and that we call art.
Sitting in front of a blank piece of paper armed with my pen I sit outside and for a while, it seems as if nothing happens I sit, and the page waits, and the pen is ready, and then, my hand moves my breath voice the words and I write in front of my own eyes a genesis of creation, a poem comes to existence what is this I am writing and this page, this page that was once a dead now comes alive with a body of words wow look this is alive, look at this I am alive and from life, life lives.

Another Monday for us to be alive, maybe you had the worst weekend of your life or it could have been the best but here we are, alive and we can make more alive just by being the magical you that you are, I hope this week you come alive, good luck.
Thank you for reading.
Peace and Love.


  1. Oh my god !
    Your posts are so good.
    I loved every word you wrote.
    “Magic is to be enjoyed to be experienced”
    Thank you for sharing.
    And yes, reading pieces such as yours is indeed a magical experience.✨
    Keep that magic alive and do share it with us.πŸ˜Šβœ¨πŸ’«

    Liked by 1 person

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