Update on the Book

For a while now I have been talking about the book I want to publish, and when the coronavirus hit South Africa I placed the publishing on hold for finical reasons, but enough time has passed and I am ready I feel hungry I see a mountain of work before me there is allot that I want to fine-tune, and I am excited to get feedback from the editor, and there are still many steps before this book is available on kindle direct, and that is okay I feel ready for the discovery and I am excited to let it go.
I have been holding on to the book out of fear then rushed it to try and prove to people that I am doing something then I held on again, and then…
Lockdown, pandemic what I have realized is that there will always be an excuse to hold back and that there will always be a reason to hold on and often very little logic to go forth to push to release to let go. Now that I have been focusing my aim toward the release of the book more things started to happen for it, the opportunity for finances and just generosity of people, encouragement and small things that whisper go for it, and I believe all of these opportunities and people and whispers were always present but now I see it more, I am in awe of how life just works, often we see life as if it is against us as if a year decides to be shit and boss us around as if 2020 decided to be the bully of the playground and take our lunch and knock us to the floor.

Times are different and it is hard and confusing, grind to the bone difficult, scary and overwhelming, and yet a book of poems can still be written, a seed can still be planted, pine cones and moss can excite and be appreciated photos can be taken, videos can be made of an animated kitten with Nikes, laughter can be shared.

Love is the indomitable spirit of a human and we all are filled with Love.

Now that I see the end of this book a small book of my poems I am excited almost addicted to releasing the next and then some more. I do not want to miss out on my own life, I don’t want to tiptoe around my book and I don’t want to always be almost there, soon almost might be never it could be death or it could be always being distracted, and living in the excuse world, now is the time and I see how the dominoes are falling in place.
Step back and reflect and listen you might notice that all that is falling might even be falling your way.

Thank you for reading
Peace and Love.


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