In pieces

I am in pieces
Across this parchment
You will find shards of who I am
My remains that seem to last
In these verses
Headstone phrases
Walk the lines and see
Little parts of me jumping off the pages
Tiny little letter exercises the right to remain vocal
Assemble me, please
For I have not yet discovered all my pieces
Poem by poem find who I am
Piece by piece
See what fits

I write this piece and discover more of me
I see and write words
But in my hand, it is not written
So I keep writing, for every poem is discovery.
More than a thousand poems
More than a million words
Between pale sheets and old books
Who is this I, not yet seen?
Now another piece closer after this filled page.

Cover to cover
This body of work holds pieces of me
Read through these fragile stacks of skin
That crumples and catches fire far too easy
I do not become ashes,
I get paragraphs to cover my burns
I write words and build my bones
Serve sentences and straighten my spine
I assemble pieces by piece.
Poems by poem
I am in pieces
I am in poetry
I am the same as you
A handwritten letter by God.


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