Ocean inside

Let me not be still
Make noise
let me not sit quietly
shout and distract
let me not breathe
deafen the voices
I plead
I beg
I hold on to sanity
keep me busy
don’t leave me in peace
Make waves and waves
I beg
I plead
For when the surface becomes still
and the waves die
inside rise a rage
My soul an ocean floor
Coming alive with silence
questions crawling out of everywhere
creatures that seek the light
swim up to the surface finally getting a breath
asking me,
am I ready to dive?
Am I ready to thrive?
why do I just survive?
wave after wave you can not see
This ocean inside
asking me when will I come alive?

I beg and plead
let them not stir
give them no air
I drown them in the busyness
it might not be fair
I do not care

When, I am still, I know.

Somewhere inside there
Is a Master of the ocean I dare not face
I feel Him swim
The great I am
When I am still

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