here there is no light
not a sunny day
can breakthrough
the layers of ground where i lay.
i can not sit nor stand.
here i am only a body
i am all that remains.

trying to decompose the life i had.
the rage held, the love, the love, the love
touched, missed, cowered away.
i was not in control all that was done
i obey.
i do stay, leftover but with time
i  disappear.

I now know where to go
A lifetime passed and I mostly drifted
I now know that Love,
O’ Love, Love, Love
Has always been the way
I was unseen but I don’t disappear
nor go, I stay
Now I giggle at that pain,
I laugh at worry
I now see that my Life could never be over
even regret yes regret fades away
I now found I was never lost
nor was there any cost I ought to pay
Free is the table, set long ago
I yearned to discover
the truth to who I am?
I now know

Here all is light
No dark
Not on the longest night
Dirt and sky has its glint
No test no trail
Nothing to breakthrough
Stand or sit, laying down
You always fly.
I am the Soul survivor
Here, there, now, then, always everywhere
I am

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